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  1. A 4-0 win for the Giants last night in Game 4. Texas 3-1 down would need 3 wins, 2 in San Francisco. Not impossible but very unlikely.
  2. Both sides would have been the outsiders in their respective Championship showdowns. I felt Texas could be difficult opponents for the Yankees but I expected the Philles to win the National League comfortably. I expected Texas to dominate the World Series but they are now in big trouble 2-0 down. The Texas bats so far have not turned up at all. They need to find form very quickly to turn things around.
  3. I have been looking at LHR-BKK flights for Dedcember. The times of the flights are incorrect.
  4. People from Norn Iron can apply for a British or Irish Passport. He may have been travelling on an Irish Passport.
  5. If there are long lines at immigration it can be beneficial to walk along the main corridor and try the other immigration area.
  6. fopa, I was considering Sabai Lodge for a stay in July. I appreciate your up to date comments re construction noise and will abandon any plans to stay there. It is regrettable that extremely useful reports like this can at times be subjected to silly comments.
  7. Gus, I am going out in February and returning in March. I booked Evergreen de Luxe online in September Ams-Bkk Euro1031 about StgĀ£785 at the moment. I have booked my last few trips online. I note that there has been a huge hike on online fares Ams-Bkk. For a prospective trip in July-August they are now quoting Euro 1320. For price reasons and better connections I will go through Heathrow for that trip.
  8. Yes they still have Evergreen on the Amsterdam-Bangkok route.
  9. Is the picture relevant. I am on dial up here. In micky mouse Ireland we have one of the worst broadband penetration rates in Europe. I am losing the will to live.
  10. joekicker, Very helpful post. If I may presume a bit further on your knowledge of the subject, am I correct in assuming there are more central passport offices if you are staying in the Soi 4 Sukh area.? In my TG's case it would be a 1st passport so she will need ID, tapian ban(house book) going there. Is the house book some kind of a birth certificate I wonder?
  11. Very good useful advice in this thread. Thanks guys.
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