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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Yes it is possible. I have done it a few times now to fly my girl to Australia. First contact the airline regarding the use of the credit card. Sometimes they want to see the card used for purchase at the check in counter. This does not happen often but it's worth doing. Perhaps this can be avoided if the website accepts payment via Paypal. Also ask them about what currency they accept on the plane in case she needs to buy something. Just make sure that you have all the current details and add both your and her phone number in case the flight is delayed and the airline tries to conta
  2. I'm not that familiar with the roads as I just sit back and read. Can't see anything anyways sitting in the back of these vans. Coming from BKK we only had one toll point with this company instead of three with the other one going up. It was one hell of a shitty ride compared to the other times I went up and back. C.
  3. Used them a few times in the last few weeks. Last time was Friday and again we had the back seat. Not good as I am 186cm. But more important. We wandered past another mini van company and decided to use them instead. Same price but they don't use the toll way! That added another 40 minutes to the trip. The old highway is even worse than the tollway and very busy with only 2 lanes each way. So ask before you try another place or just stick with what you know. C
  4. Thanks guys. The tank is metal but either way I wouldn't drink the tank water. There is a water filter system for drinking water with it's own small tap. I need to get it serviced though. Don't trust it without boiling the water. Of course the phone number on the filter system does not work anymore. I'll have to find someone else. It is one of those big blue units. I'll post a picture, maybe somebody knows more. For scrubbing the tank, I don't think I fit trough the man hole. Maybe the GF is game. We'll see. I need to go to Kanyong for some stuff so I'll see if they have an inli
  5. Hello, I did a search here but didn't find anything as always. It must be my search method so this might have been posted before. How do I treat my water tank? I can see from all the toilet cisterns that the tank is dirty inside. So does anyone know what product(s) to use and where to buy them. I did read here after my search that a BM's GF gets in the tank once a year to clean it. Is that real or a joke? What about bacteria/ insect larva and other stuff? Again what product do I need? All help appreciated. Thanks. C.
  6. 125 to 200 per month depending on how much company you keep. I don't know how much is in a unit. For some reason I always thought one unit is 1000 litres. C.
  7. Rap music is lousy, French Rap music is the worst thing on the planet!!!
  8. Here's something else for the Bond fans. Have a search for this on Piratebay or what ever favourite torrent site you use: Everything or Nothing The Untold Story of 007 Or click this link: http://thepiratebay.se/search/Everything%20or%20Nothing%20The%20Untold%20Story%20of%20007/0/99/200 I haven't watched it yet but the reviews seemed very positive. C.
  9. This link will show the screening times for Central Festival http://www.sfcinemacity.com/index.php/en/timetable/lookup?ccode=PTBVIS2K Just be mindful of the codes in ( ) after the title. Most are obvious except (P) which means Patio, that is the open air cinema. I have never been but I have made the mistake looking up the screening times and then showed up having to wait an hour. C.
  10. Hello. I am not a business owner but thought this would be the right place to post. If not, MM feel free to move it. As the title says, cook and cleaner wanted. (Female) This is for a small guest house with a bar/eatery downstairs. There are eight rooms upstairs. This place opens in the coming week. Wages will be 7000 or more depending on the applicants experience. Working with a good group of girls and run by a mature Thai lady. So if you know a Thai lady that is looking for a job with a good Thai employer send me a PM and I will pass on contact details. Thank
  11. Thanks Idefix. I will come and have a look some time soon. C.
  12. Hello Idefix, I was thinking of looking at this place as I noticed an add in the paper that showed rates from 9000 - 15000. Which side of the building is the quietest? I am not to fussed about the view but more about noise levels. And what about the walls? Are they flimsy thin or do they give a decent noise barrier between you and your neighbours? Any Wi-Fi included or do you have to get your own? C.
  13. Thanks. I'll have look around Big C extra. I thought that once per year I'd have to leave Thailand to renew the student visa hence the border immigration officer speaking Thai to me. I might have remembered this wrong. C.
  14. They are located in Bangkok so that is a bit out of the way for me and it is a Muay Thai school. Not interested in doing that. C.
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