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  1. Beever is certainly one of the better street artists but for pure 3D painting , it takes a lot to beat the works of Rex Whistler . When I visited Plas Newydd in Anglesey some years ago , the paintings were so realistic that they were roped off because visitors were mistaking corridors and steps painted on the walls as being real and hurting themselves by trying walk into or up them . Regretfully he was killed in WW2
  2. Perhaps the Mexicans are happy BECAUSE they live in the States !!!!!!!!
  3. Looking at Google Earth , it appears to be on the right as you enter Tiffany's car patk - it even shows an aeroplane - the same as any other airport ???
  4. I always use Agoda - it is quick and efficient - On the odd occasion I had to cancel , the cancellation was no problem . In fact , the only times I have had problems is when I have booked direct .
  5. I was looking at Pattaya on Google Earth and spotted the weirdest thing - right opposite Drinking Street on Second Street there is a site marked Pattaya Airport ? On zooming in it appears to be an entertainment area but perhaps there is a way to stop the drive from Swampi - lol
  6. My son , who is a long-time resident of LOS (over 30 years) will only use Bangkok Pattaya hospital for his teeth & eyes - he is very satisfied with their work . ( it might have something to do with the fact his dentist is pretty with big boobs )
  7. I use Rayong Immigration and they told me the same
  8. I am sorry - you are correct - what I was trying to say is that I have arranged with my bank that 200,000 per day is my maximum but it comes out at 20,000 per time
  9. We seem to be talking here about withdrawals from your home country - but there are limitations too for the person who has a Thai Bank account . I have a Siam Commercial account - the max I can draw at one time is 20,000 baht but I can do that 10 times per day .
  10. ​Jameson's,the IrishPub will be screening it , no cover charge , good beer and food - i'll be there
  11. I am at home and notice my phone needs topping up - the wife is at her shop - so I contact her via the landline . She goes to her friend's mobile shop and a few minutes later my mobile goes beep and I am topped up . No problem !
  12. HUKET: -- In a shock decision by the Phuket Civil Court, backed by the Region 8 Appellate Court, it has been ruled that the so-called “secured leases” offered by some real estate developers to allow foreigners to secure a cast-iron 90-year lease are not valid. The case is now to go to the Supreme Court. The Phuket News’ legal correspondent, Jerrold Kippen, has revealed that not only has the structure been ruled invalid but the courts’ decision may mean that the original underlying 30-year lease, even if registered with the Land Office, is now void – it never existed, leaving the buyer with t
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