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  1. Where is " I'm not going to be in LOS so I don't want to know who is doing her for VT"
  2. hahaha... too funny and I might add, clever. I just posted a reply to this thread asking if it was possible to have a 'sober night out'. I guess this article is my best answer..un intoxicated foreinger that I am .. lol.. The lady who wrote that artical has a great future in comedy!
  3. Geez, I just realized that 3 of the 8 days I'll be in Patts there will be 'unusual activity' (ie: bars closed!). I can live a few nights without public drinking (or have a few at the hotel before going out) but are there any bars that might offer food and non-alcoholic beverages and still allow a bit of mongering to take place? Of course if I hook up with a GFE (..like last time) then disregard this reply
  4. I've only been to PAtts once and realized that I have alot more to see and do next trip. Your gals look great and I will put your bar on my list of 'must see' places. I hope I can make the trip soon! Thanks! BTW, do you have a website for your bar?
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