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  1. Atlas, the App to get for your iPad is Amplitube. You can buy a skeletal version first and then add effects and an 8 track + mastering suite to it for peanuts. It's great mate.
  2. The iPad stuff is great. Eight track recording is well handy for practicing etc., BUT I had trouble finding the guitar input adaptor (iRig) here in Thailand. Had to get a mate to bring it over on his subsequent trip after picking it up on Amazon. I bought the best amp I've ever owned, a Blackstar combo, from a shop in Centralworld Bangkok. I did the transfer via ATM and they shipped it to my condo the very next day for an extra 300 Baht. Did all the leg work online, plus I knew that Blackstar would give me the sound that I wanted and had a headphone connector (plus a really good onboard re
  3. The Pattaya Mail's got a confusing article in the July 2nd copy. Looks like next Saturday-Sunday could be dry too as 2 areas need a re-election. So, does that me 'dry' in the 2 areas, or across the board?
  4. Anyone know the nights affected by the no-alcohol ruling for the elections? I'm hearing it's this weekend AND next (for the local & general erections respectively), but not sure which specific nights/days or, how strictly enforced it will be. Anyone in the know?
  5. Thanks for the update MM. Good to hear the Marine is back up & running. Long may it continue.
  6. Pretty damn cool MM. Just as I had thought (and hoped), it's reverting back to the norm.
  7. Well, the 3.00am closures started last Saturday, and it's now Wednesday. Any signs of improvement yet? Places like Insomnia, Lucifers & Marine don't even kick off until 2.00, so they must be finding a loophole by now. Any one able to give us an update?
  8. Atlas, irrespective of how well you play now, if you have the dosh to spare, a Fender or Gibson are excellent, even from an entry-level one. You have a Martin, so you'll know what I mean. The Music Shop up by Tesco Lotus, across the road and North a bit, is okay and keeps the quality guitars in a separate enclosure. Watch them on price though, so do your homework. I've priced up a few effects etc., and it's always worth a trip into Bkk to get exactly what I want at a better price. They have a good range of amps too, but the same rules apply. I live in a Condo, but wanted the valve 'creami
  9. I used 'Royal Palace Dentist" right behind Royal Garden Plaza and the Marriot. At the time, my teeth were a mess and I really had a dentist-phobia. They got me through it, did the work totally painlessly and I've been back every six months ever since. They don't find work for the hell of it either, which is a nasty, nasty UK NHS habit. Full check up & clean is 1,000 Baht and treatment priced depending on what needs doing. Both the dentist, and the nurse are charming Thai ladies too. Always a bonus!
  10. Re. opening a local (Thai) account; this is always a lottery. Many will say "Mister, must have residence certificate, go to Immigration". That's a lot of poncing around with letter a from your Thai landlord, photos and other formalities plus a couple of hundred baht. I did this, but I had plenty of time, so it was no problem. If I was here on holiday, I would just go to different banks until I found one that wanted the custom, and present my passport and an opening deposit. Thereafter, SWIFT transfers are 20 quid a pop, and can even be done online. Really quick too.
  12. Was down at 'Leng Kees' on Pattaya Klang last night (the place renowned for roast duck). The food was top-notch as usual, and it's not really all that expensive there. However, as we use the place at least a couple of times a month, the Mrs & I couldn't help but notice that, for the 3rd consecutive time an extra bowl of rice got put on the check bin. Not a budget buster by a long chalk, but friggin' annoying being taken for a mug. This time, they lost out the cost 2 bowls of rice by not getting their tip. Next time, the Mrs is going to ask for the manager. Check your Bin, every
  13. Excellent. The Brits can get home, no matter what time their flight is cancelled.
  14. You can find a self-contained room, with TV, fridge, shower & loo, within that budget with ease here, if you look outside of the town center and are prepared to sign an agreement for a year. There are some good ones down Soi 50/1 (off Sukumvit, just down from Tesco-Lotus) and plenty of others if you just ride around once your feet are on the ground here. Good luck.
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