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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Thanks for the responses. Made my way to La Natividee thanks to the perfect directions given by Fatboyfat. Pricey for Pattaya but awfully convenient and the Dr. Seems competent. Think I'll give Ve them a try. I have a ton of skin tags needing removal. All of the info is much appreciated.
  2. Can anybody recommend an English speaking dermatologist in Pattaya? I have some very minor procedures to be done.
  3. Do any board members tip in Pattaya retaurants? I realize tipping is not as expected here as in some places but do some members here tip? The topic came up when I visited Tequila Reef with 2 friends. Any comments or suggestions?
  4. I stayed at the Lao Orchid Hotel and liked it a lot. It is about B1400 which may be a little high for you. Girl friendly, Good rooms, good service, good breakfast buffet included, 1 minute walk to Bor Pen Nyang, which has a few freelancers. 1 minute walk to the river. I would recommend it highly if it is within your budget. http://www.lao-orchid.com/
  5. Stayed at Whitehouse last month. I can't add much to this discussion but I can verify the information discussed here is correct. I used a deluxe room and a suite since I actually stayed at the hotel on 2 occasions. The hotel is pricey for Pattaya but the rooms are new and fresh compared to others. It's location on Soi 13 is excellent. Soi 13 is very quiet if you like that. The hotel is a thirty second walk to Pattaya Second Road and a two minute walk to Beach Road. I used to prefer Residence Gardens but this hotel is nicer physical plant-wise. The staff doesn't speak English too well and they are not overly friendly but they are ok. Res. Garden staff speaks much better English and are more service oriented and efficient. Maintenance at the hotel is iffy, but reminders to all front desk shifts gets your problem fixed. The hotel needs some improvement in this area. A two egg, bacon, toast, coffee breakfast is included. B20 if you want an extra egg, no extra charge for juice. Breakfast served until 11AM-good because that's later than most breakfasts. The coffee shop girls are very friendly. The owner is from England and he is around during the day. The deluxe room should be large enough for anybody. The suite give you plenty of room. The suite has a huge walk in shower. Very big. The suite also has a tub in the bathroom. The suite has a TV in both the living and bedrooms. All rooms have in-room safes but they use several different brands of safe. Air con in the three types of rooms works great. The deluxe rooms and suites allow you to leave the room with the power (and ac) still running. In the regular rooms you place the key in a slot to turn on the power. I like large rooms but actually downsized from a suite to a deluxe room on my second visit. Regular rooms are fairly small like the typical Pattaya hotel room. Hotel is definitely girl friendly. Definitely no extra charge for one girl, I'm not sure if their second guest policy is enforced or not. It is possible to sneak in the elevator if you bring two girls in at night. But I wouldn't count on it. Overall, I really like this place. Whitehouse is now my main Pattaya hotel. It costs a little more than the others but I don't mind. My stays in Pattaya are only 2-4 nights. I appreciate the fact that this hotel is still new. I would highly recommend this hotel if the cost is within your budget.
  6. I voted for you in both places. Good luck to you. Cmon guys. VOTE FOR WASSANA!!
  7. Does anybody know of a 2 bedroom/2bath facility in Pattaya?
  8. according to NBC news. Also Air Canada files for bankruptcy today partially blaming SARS.
  9. I stayed there about two weeks ago and noise was not a problem at all. If you are concerned you might request a room on the right side away from the construction. But I don't think you need to worry about this.
  10. I liked the place a lot too. The shower in my room was extra large (lots of room for 2), the balcony was nice, and I liked the restaurant downstairs. I also appreciate the convenience of an in room safe. Thats the only in room safe I've ever had in Pattaya. I would definitely go back to RG. And it was nice meeting you there, deuce. Allover (Martin)
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