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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Im glad the Buddha holiday didn't fall on a curry night
  2. You can check if your SIM is already registered by dialing True *151# AIS *141# dtac *102#
  3. I keep hearing reports of the girl with the blond hair, loosing her kit half way through the night
  4. Since I've not been out drinking today I should grab some Indian tonight BTW what the fook does Devin mean?
  5. The beef is soft the chicken is well cooked, yorkshire pud is only crispy on the top and the vegetables arn't boiled to a tastles mush Your in an aircon restaurant that is clean, you can get better places but you can't beat the value
  6. Jockys on Soi Lengkee does the same as 18 coins (149 baht)
  7. I would say Baan Ampur beach is even nicer
  8. You don't often see girls wearing glasses I think it might be a new fashion craze like braces were a few years ago
  9. I'm sure Ricky will throw himself into a few party games
  10. I think I would prefer bottled Leo, draft gets warm too quick for me, and its only 10 baht more and considering I only drink 10 or so it's its worth the extra
  11. I think the first pic in post #10 is a bit like one of those Fantasy dolls http://www.fantasydoll.com.au/gallery#prettyPhoto
  12. not used the one off soi 7 for many years (didn't rate it) but I do occationally go to soi chayaphum for their liver and onions and the braised steak, ok not great but certainly well worth 150 baht
  13. 3 curries in one month Ricky will be getting mentioned in the Michelin guide
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