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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. bank robber busts into the bank at midday and yells `everyone on the floor face down`,points the gun at the cashier and says` fill it up `,at this point a plucky customer sneaks up and swipes his mask,the robber spins and shoots him straight in the face along with the cashier who also saw his appearance,with his mask back on he says `anyone else see my face` and a little voice squeaks `i think my missus caught a glimpse`
  2. hi all ,just wondered if any of you guys know of a cheap air fare to bkk in aug from london,i don`t mind stopping off on the way to make it cheaper,my cheapest quote so far is 508 quid return,been a while since my last trip so unsure if that is a good price,any help gratefully recieved,cheers,inky
  3. congratulations you have won a pakistani baby in the prize draw ,you must claim your prize within two weeks -or we will send you the rest of the family....
  4. just a thought ,this really fucks me off,they charge you 70 odd quid for a ten year passport then give you a 9 and a half one for the same price .governments you gotta love `em
  5. stayed at the cliff last time out,they wanted nearly £20 to take the bg in,booked into the beach view for a couple of nights instead !!
  6. thank you guys now i`m sucking the right err... thumb!! just got logged on and everything is fine,boy have i got some catching up to do..
  7. ok ,just tried to send a message by normal route o/express and it got rejected,i have no idea why ,i am not what you would call useful on a p.c. any help would be gratefully received. ,cheers ,chris. right just tried again through the site and the message that came up was 553 invalid address syntax? way over my head,but i know i did not get this off the first email!!!
  8. righto, i will settle in for a wait then. as long as i am on the right road!! i have tried before and gave up so i thought it was something i said.roll on oct. i can visit for the first time in 7 years.ouch that hurt. yep that was what i said 7 years. still on the plus side my divorce party will be a good one hope too see you all soon!!!
  9. hi fella`s ,i have tried to join by e-mail too but did not get a reply,what did i do wrong?
  10. cheers fella`s ,that`s given me something to puzzle over till i can book up.flicked through the reviews and found them really helpful,have to get my mate round for a few beers and pour over the pics ,he can have the choice i`m just glad to be coming back hope to see some of you soon
  11. hi fella`s ,ok here`s the deal,i am looking for a hotel from the 30th oct for 11 nights after spending 3 in bkk. anyone got any really good reviews ? also i will have my mate with me who has never been to thailand so i want him to have a great time if you get my drift.it will also be my divorce party,so we will need a guest friendly hotel to enjoy ourselves ( he also divorced ).last time i stayed in pattaya was at the royal cliff-ouch,mega bucks but a brilliant hotel.that was 7 years ago!!! we won`t need anything that expensive,say 20 -25 quid a night,is it possible to just turn up on spec at
  12. hi bart , don`t worry too much about the heat,you will get used to it!! the first time i went i landed at 0200 and when the airport doors opened it felt like i was still at work ( i work with furnaces ) the heat was unreal.but a good air con ride to the hotel later i was ready for a few singhas.. do yourself a favour and spend some time in bkk there is so much to see ,the grand palace is wonderful and i`m not religious or into royalty,it`s like stepping back hundreds of years in time,peace and tranquility in the midst of mayhem!! you can buy cheaper clothes out there don`t take too much wi
  13. hi fellas, a mate and i are planning a trip about sept. for two weeks,he is not much of a sunbather and would like to know about any deep sea fishing trips .i`ve been before but obviously fishing was not top of my list!! so if any of you guys know of a good charter and the prices that would be a great help. cheers ,see you all in sep/oct.
  14. thanx guys ,i will look into it,sounds great for my daughter!! can anyone tell me if abbes and stoneys bars are still in the walking st area?and are there any new bars i should be aware of?bearing in mind my wife is with me and i`ve done the single thing!!
  15. hi all ,it's been a while since i was in the land of smiles ( 5 years) i was there with a friend who i later married ,and now we have 2 rugrats.so to the point,we have decided to come back if we can find a child friendly hotel ie.playgroup and babysitting service etc.it will be a long drag with 2 kids but worth it!! any info would be great .i went 5 years running till 5 years ago ,i bet it's all changed since i was there last.hope to see you all in the very near future.chris
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