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  1. There is a shop on Threpasit road , doing training , never seen anybody in there , located near where baht bus goes to end of Threpasit road, not far from Foodland , if thats any help to you.
  2. Yes a modern airport it might be ,after the runway was redone ,and you have to walk about 800 metres to get to immigration. plus your luggage being stolen .mafia taximen,duty free where you get scammed , besides all that Heathrow looks good.
  3. If you think the lines at immigration was bad ,just the same at Heathrow ,45minutes to an hour waiting in line for British Passports and EU .and then if you have micro chipped passport .you end up processing yourself through immmigration using cubicles in which you place passport in slot ,stand on the right spot .till you get your photo come on screen ,then green light to leave ,then you go to baggage hall ,another nightmare.
  4. Was at Jet Airways check in saturday 24 th april and it seemed normal .only snag was computer down for Mumbai leg to London so had to wait for seat .no people shouting. ranting .swearing.
  5. Yes its about 800 baht per person .eat what you want ,go up to 54th floor and get out on revolving walkway .so you see sights ,night time is best .will impress the girlfriend ,try to get later sitting of meal .more time to enjoy .
  6. I use hotmail ,tells you on next page it has been sent ,but if you have wrong e-mail address it comes back by postmaster general ,telling you why ,but if hotmail adress is used by someone then you get no comeback ,if that,s any help.
  7. Look closely i said fuel surcharge is 2200baht , i know planes run on fuel ,plus all the other taxes ,add ons
  8. Even Air Asia are raising prices ,2 to Chiang Mai is 5750 baht ,take into account for that ,airport tax 400baht,insurance surcharge 200 baht,administration fee 260baht,vat 370baht,fuel surcharge 2200 baht ,4 checked bags 120baht .still cheap but a lot more add ons.
  9. Seems Mexico City and Pattaya are the same ,even the babies are rented out it seems ,on the long trek among the beer bars ,mostly Cambodians if you believe the police ,no Thai would do such a thing
  10. ,Go to the right of Big C ,there is a thai restaurant ,does great food ,turn sharp right through door,bon appetite
  11. On Sky news this morning ,newsreader read out a story to say equine flu is in Ausralia and all racing will come to standstill,different states are banning horses from travelling ,3 days at the moment ,no racing nor movements,then they will decide what happens.
  12. Also if you order double room you get 2 breakfast vouchers per day ,so she goes off happy,
  13. Stayed for 5 nights from 16th June .never got told about noise till after i paid ,luckily the piling machine was broke for 2 days .
  14. Have stayed at Ma Maison , i paid 1100 baht for superior room .it is a lot better than 900 baht rooms ,had a guy from Bournemouth staying in small room ,asked to have quick look, said bigger tv ,much more space , plus a mirrored ceiling ,now that is a very handy thing
  15. That clears that up then,but its bound to happen sometime ,Pattaya is not in a timewarp
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