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  1. Pete, Looks an awesome venue. Only comment I would make is that the price of thai food looks a bit high on the menu. I'll give you a visit on my next trip in, Mark
  2. They are sending one to me in the Philippines free of charge so I can try it out. Hope I like it, if not i just return it and never pay anything....thanks Denny.
  3. Denny, the D80 is a great camera and you'll be happy with it! Start clicking away and practicing with the manual modes and you'll get some great shots. Soon you'll be wanting a prime lens and a speedlight flash... Cheers, Mark
  4. Denny, try the D300 as it's got some very nice features including face recognition on playback. Lens recommendation is the 18-200VR by Nikon. Good lens. Mark PS. if you find someone that will send you that combo (without payment) to run some film through, please share their contact info and ask them if they have a 2nd setup!?!? Sorry, had to say it...
  5. Guys, make no mistake about this lens....it's damn near NEW! Been on a camera all of 20minutes. I been on this board here since 2002 and a lot of people know me. I'm hardly low profile and hiding and I'm not hard up for $100. I'm not on here trying to sell some shit that doesn't work. Cheers, Mark
  6. Here's why Hub: And yes, as new condition... Ummm, no thanks. Glad I'm not the only member here that found that funny and a bit strange. Mark
  7. Denny, I didn't intend for you to take it as shitty. I simply made the same offer to you that you made to me. If you want to buy the lens please let me know. I have paypal and can have it brought to you. Cheers, Mark
  8. I'm going to pass on sending it to the Skyslop from the philippines and you throwing a roll of film through the lens. Appreciate the interest. I got a better offer. Send your camera here to the philippines, I'll put the lens on and shoot a roll of "film" through it and send you the film. You process it and let me know what you think and I'll send your camera back, or not. Mark PS. tried ebay? They ship product for free to everyone for trial runs and just take payment at any later date and only if acceptable to the potential buyer, Maybe you can test 10 at a time this way.
  9. Both still available and just sent you a PM...
  10. Nikon 18-55MM AF-S Nikkor 3.5-5.6 This is the new DX lens. It came with a kit and I used to twice. As new and includes the Sunpak UV filter. Has always had the filter on it form the time it was opened to protect the lens. Includes the Nikon Caps for front and rear. VERY sharp pictures. 4000Pesos. Sigma 28-105MM F2.8 D. A great lens that's very fast. Produces nice warm crystal clear tones and is also great for portrait photography. As new complete with caps and lens hood. 3800Pesos. Absolutely nothing wrong with these two lenses as they are like new. Currently in Philippines
  11. Cheers Martin! Well done...
  12. I hope you find another board to spew your hatred on...for your posts, and you, to stay here is a disgrace. People here don't want to read your misery and hatred when they come on this board. Don't be so selfish, post it elsewhere where it's welcomed.
  13. That's good advice! And, even make up a dummy wallet in there with some odd change, expired Credit Cards and mix is a family pic or two you print off the net. A couple of old wrist watches in there as well. Put that "dummy safe" where most burglars look: the bedroom. Make is easy to they can take it and think they got your loot. Cheers, Mark
  14. Martin, What will you be doing that day? Can't believe everyone here hasn't jumped in and told thier daily agendas! I'm too shy for that, but thanks!
  15. Very good information Alan. Thanks for sharing that!
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