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  1. I stayed the kachkanburi resort nice bungalows nice resturant but the buffet breakfast was a waste buy your own grog to drink in the bungalow nice place to take a bird
  2. thats good to hear my first day is a sunday in about 12 days, looking foward to having a drink with you and Mark.
  3. Hi Guy's just saw at flight centre Air Asia is flying from Sydney to BKK $645 return requires a stop over in KL, Don't know how long it is on for cheers
  4. hey greg did this include the limo to pattaya or bkk?
  5. man wish i could be there to buy you a drink...but arrive Oct 2nd Adam you run a great bar always had fun there I wish you a happy birthday have a good day may everyone ring the bell ha ha
  6. Wait to you encounter an election or Budda day no grog sales at all!!!!!!!
  7. Well a new deal from Emirates I booked a flight from Sydney for $880.00, leave Oct 7, I recieved an emial from Thai Airways offering deals around the same price of $880 but when i looked they were all $1200, but that was for the October might be cheaper in a different month hey but who know's
  8. Malaysian air have fares return from bkk for $600 from Sydney and Brisbane, the down side a stopover in Kuala Lumpa Sydney Going over 6 hour stopover Return 2 hour Brisbane Going over 2 hour Return 10 or 12 hour stopover cheers
  9. from Sydney Jet Star today was 847 dollars, at flight centre
  10. Bobby or TTT please put me down as it will be my 2nd day back, It is Richie
  11. Febuary 16th to April 9th ummmmmm 53 days
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