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  1. the NSW trifecta paid 51000+ and the 1st 4 paid 145000+ cause my fuckers are still running,and there will not be a inquiry on the winner after its bad effort in the Cox plate 10days ago. regards grayray
  2. just as well my life was not on line,the bastard french/english horses failed the fuckers the closes i got was 5th with Mount Athos oh!well its on again in 12mths time regards grayray
  3. and no i don't mean the US elections,i talking about a horse race, that brings a nation to stand still. in appox 1 hr EDST the race,the Melbourne cup will be ran and won. I had a 4 horse trifecta and same horses in a 1st four. 1.Dunaden 2.Americain 3.Redcadeaux 4.Mount Athos regards grayray
  4. NSWtabsports took a bet of 500000aud at 1.40 on New England winning AFC east today in sydney. iam watching the Cowboys v NYgiants live now,start of the 2nd Q. nil all regards grayray
  5. Carroll completly controll the centre for west hams 3-0,liverpool could have used him last night. regards grayray
  6. lolex. as usual, the aussie humour, has passed directly over the heads of a few here regards grayray
  7. siam Sam. no mention of the game today?,thought both goalies were the man of the match,especially MU goalie in the first half. regards grayray
  8. what was the result west ham V villa?/ oh! yes the mighty hammers 1 villa O but i had to watch a replay because i got the shits at half time and went to bed,game started appox 12am aussie time. the first half was like the shite the aussie A league put on. especially the strikes by aussie Holman,you know,see the goal posts and let fly,high and wide,the hammer goalie only had to move his head and watch the ball go wide and high. regards grayray
  9. team GB, means Grinning Bastards regards grayray
  10. a lot of aussie sportwriters,reckon the london games was the best they had seen,and i agree. shit! sorry gran, the brits did good. and they beat the crap out of us poor aussies,well we will have to wait to next years ashes. regards grayray
  11. aussie coaches have trained the winners of 14gold medals for non aussies,but then they had better to work with and got paid a lot more than they could earn in OZ. regards grayray
  12. i see the host tv for the olympics in USA,did not bother to show the 100m sprint final till approx about 10hrs after the event,but they showed it live on the net. regards grayray
  13. [media=] [/media] she would fit right in,a pattaya gogo. regards grayray
  14. Idefix/ "It's the taking part that counts" no mate it is winning that counts.if that was not so,why give medals regards grayray PS these posts are just some bantering bullshit,well you would hope thats how we all see it
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