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  1. Dear Pattaya Pete, yes I have found that already and I did follow the instructions but somehow it doesn't work. The mentioned button "Post a review" doesn't appear.
  2. I have tried to post a hotel review in the regarding section and followed the instructions. After I was logged in and become registered I lokked for the magic "Post a review button", but couldn't find one. A couple of years ago, I have writtn a few reviews without any problems but it seems that everything ios going to be changed and getting more difficult. Has anyone an idea, what I've missed to do? Many thanks, Blumi
  3. I just returned from a two weeks stay at Areca Lodge. They have two pools and they provide you and your guest(s) with towels at both locations. In general, it was a great pleasure to stay there again and I can highly recommend this place. Regards, Blumi
  4. Hi Guys, sorry for bringing up a regular topic again, but has anyone the latest information on the Soi 13 construction process. Are there any constructions ongoing at the moment, especially around Sandy Spring? Thanks in advance for any information. Regards, Blumi
  5. Thanks a lot for the information. You mentioned a shuttle bus to the 2nd road which astonished me, because the location of the Mercure Hotel is between 2nd road and Soi Buakhaow, about 100 metres away from the 2nd road. During my last stay in Pattaya I stayed in the Areca Lodge and I could see the hotel just a few steps away. In the case we are talking about the same hotel, which has opened in 2005, the shuttle bus is a good service but not really useful to me. Thanks again, Blumi
  6. I will travel to Pattaya at the end of March for about 2 weeks and I am interested in staying at the Mercure Hotel close to 2nd road. I have seen it from outside during my last trip but I am interested in guest policy and other advantages/disadvantages. Anyone who has made experiences with this hotel? Thanks in advance, Blumi
  7. Hi everybody, since I will arrive in Pattaya next Friday , I would like to ask if somebody can give me an advice whre I can buy contact lenses there. Many thanks in advance Blumi
  8. I have been in Pattaya in July 2002 for three weeks and it was sunny all day except two short but heavy thunderstorms of about one hour each. I think, you will have lots of opportunities to sit on a poolside and get a sunburn. Have a good time, Blumi
  9. Dennis, check out www.swissfood.net. They offer a suite with a private Jacuzzi on the terrace for 1,300 Bt. The small hotel is located in Soi Diamond close to Walking Street. I don't have any experiences with this hotel, but found the offer during my own search for a reasonable accomodation. Regards, Blumi
  10. I satyed three weeks in February in the Lek Hotel and walked down the Soi 13 every day. Opposite Sandy Springs is a busy construction area which will mainly effect the rooms overlooking Soi 13. The rooms overlooking the Pool might have less problems, but a little noise will be there, too. Nearly all hotels on Soi 13 will have construction noise within the next months except Lek rooms overlooking Mike's shopping mall and AA rooms overlooking Beach Road.
  11. Dynasty Inn has a construction area (new Condos) very close nearby with heavy construction noise. I stayed in Lek Hotel (new wing) the last three weeks and changed therefore from the site overlooking the pool to the other side overlooking Mike's shopping mall, even if I've lost a private balcony. Opposite Sandy Springs is currently a construction area, too. Best wishes, Blumi
  12. Hi everybody, I will stay in Pattaya for two weeks in February and have made some room requestes to a few hotels like Areca Lodge, Sabai Lodge, Dynast Inn, Narural Neach an Lek Hotel. Some hotels will have no vacancies at that time, but the Lek hotel has some rooms available. I know the hotel from outside and was wondering if the price difference between deluxe room (1,800 Bt) and Superior room (1,200 Bt) in the new wing makes sense to pay or isn't it worth it? Thanks for any comment, Uwe
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