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  1. Thanks for the info you just convinced me and i booked 2 weeks there in May
  2. Has anyone stayed at the Summer Spring? Is looking really nice and not to expencive
  3. Hi guys has some you stayed at Sanya Nightstar Inn between Second rd and Walking Street? i was looking at their website and it look nice and a good location too. Jesper
  4. I guess we all have different opinions on the places we stay..I have stayed at Jasmine mansion and was not impressed....Agree metro-Apartments is a top place to stay. Jesper
  5. Try the e-mail adresse from matrix post...I used it and keith replied pretty fast. Jesper.
  6. Sounds like a good deal...Do they have a website??? Jesper.
  7. The best you can do is to send them a e-mail and ask them...I found this at google seach about the hotel. All rates shown are per room per night unless stated otherwise, not per person per night So guess its GF.....But to be sure just mail them. Jesper.
  8. Yes Steve,the noice should be over by now..In April they where starting to put furniture in the rooms..It have been taking so long because the owner had to raise some more money..At least thats what i heard... Jesper.
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