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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. The way things are I suspect theyll be giving the tickets away soon
  2. WTF is a SUV ? No....... dont bother Im the one who still thinks a Hoe is a garden tool
  3. You blokes are taking the piss arent you ? We in the uk are paying over 80p a LITRE now Thats daylight robbery
  4. Its bloody ridiculous really We are getting shafted left right and center. I can fly to Limoges from Stansted for £9.99 each way Problem is the blody tax is over 30 quid. The ferry is too damned expensive now. I wont use the Tunnel
  5. What on earth makes you say that ? Though as you seem to know their prices I think we'd better leave it at that
  6. Its on Sri Ayuthaya Rd if my memory is correct. Not far from the Skytrain and frowns upon joiners methinks
  7. Early October is low season and I suspect that some good deals will pop up
  8. I would consider paying 1000 Baht a night for a room in Pattaya about as silly as paying 1000 Baht for a long time with a girl
  9. I'll be waiting to see that pig flying past the window too !!!
  10. BA are adding £5 'Fuel Surcharge' to all return flights. What a rippoff How long untill the others follow suit ?
  11. Sorry, none of the above Try the Roof Garden
  12. No It was Jack Nicholson in .....in.........in....... sod it I forgot the name of the film....the one with Tom Cruise and Demi Moore " I want the truth" " You cant handle the truth" " did you order a code red" " You bet your arse I did"
  13. The problem of you not realising that you were referring to me when I wasnt and when I was actually referring to someone else and you mistaking that point thinking I was referring to you when I pointed out that I knew you werent. Are we clear ? ARE WE CLEAR !!!
  14. I actually realised you werent referring to me so thought I should point out your problem Another service from the caring Crackpot
  15. Maybe you should take your own advice before dishing it out ??
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