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  1. Thank you I went to the Bkk air site found the 1700 one way and shall be in Pattaya on the 26th for a few after spending time in Samui and Phuket thank you for all I was wandering about getting from the airport in Pattaya to Walking st. I think you guys have cleared the matter up saying, there will be cabs or a bus. Sound like no problem 45 min. ride 600 - 800 bt. Much netter than going to bkk first from Phuket!! Ramster
  2. Guys thank you so much I think it is a non stop flight from Phuket? Will there be cabs at the airport in Pattaya or should I line one up? Thank you
  3. How far is the place where Bkk Airline lands to Walking St. I will be flying from Phuket Is that the best way to go? Are there cabs for hire at the airport (I read it is small out of the way) any info will help Thank you for all Ramster
  4. Go to Pantip Plaza in Bangkok they have it all. Five floor of DVD's Software ect. Ramster
  5. Looking to stay for the first time at the R.G. thank you for all the info looks nice. My question is this how far is it from walking sty? Can you get a baht bus from the hotel or do you have to walk to 2nd road? Can you get a taxi from it? Any good breakfast there? Looks like it is almost to Jomatien beach is it? Thank you and sorry if these have been asked before Ramster
  6. Looking to pick up a few purses for my sisters while in Bkk next trip. Any help in finding knock off bags will help also bringing them back (just a few). If you know the price of cigarettes and the amount of them you can bring back without getting into trouble that would be great too! Ramster
  7. Can anyone help me with this hotel? I read it is in the middle of the action. Is it guest friendly? Joiner fee? close to beach? nice hotel? any help? any other suggestions would be great. Thank you Ramster
  8. I only have only two minor complaints with the room. Firstly, a magnetic piece held on the key ring with your front door key is required to be placed in a holder by the wall to operate the room's lights and air-conditioning. This means that when you leave the room taking your key with you the air-conditioning ceases to operate and there is nothing worse than returning to a hot, steamy room later (of course you could get around this if you are so inclined by removing the door key from the key ring and leaving the magnetic place in the holder). Secondly, the TV reception is rather poor.
  9. Thank you guys going to MBK when I get around the first day. Be in Bkk. Tues. 11:30 pm 4 days, then Pattaya 9 days. [smiley=gone.gif]
  10. I know a LB in Bkk that needs a ride on that day. [smiley=scared.gif][smiley=yikes.gif]
  11. You guys came through for the Ramster again VoxVader I will go to MBK I am staying at Maj. Suites in Bkk someone will tell me were MBK is from the hotel. I will pick my number on a sim then get a used phone. I assume the phone will have a charger too? And that way I can keep in touch with my buddy who is coming with me. I know that we are going to get separated! I want to keep in touch with the TG's also. 2000 bt sounds cheep to have a phone for 2 weeks Ramster [smiley=party.gif]
  12. Vox thank you. So if I buy a used phone and a sim total around 2000bt I am good to go? Can I get one in Bkk and use it later when I go to Pattaya?
  13. I have an old phone it is a Motorola star tack. From reading there is something called a sim card? I have to imagine it is something that changes the configuration of your phone? We don't have them in Las Vegas so I have to guess. I read that some phones can and some will not. Alsov stores in Thailand sell minute’s thank you Ramster one week to LOS!! [smiley=3some.gif]
  14. Monkeyman this is the best site I could find http://www.ignatzmice.com/Adam/framed.htm Lots of great people, glad to help out a punter in need
  15. Gordon I will try to keep my paws off the help at S.S. But I am so close to getting on a plane to BKK for 4 nights then Pattaya for 9 nights the....well you got think back to the fist time you went (assuming there was a message board) and for months you sat at your computer reading all these reports from LOS. Well need I say more? [smiley=grin.gif] I joined a site that posts about Amsterdam before I went last year, it made my trip absolutely fantastic!! I made my post after my trip and I go back to the site every day…then one day I happen to see a page that says other places, I had to click on it and read a report about Thailand that did it. I figure that if Amsterdam was that good this was going to be outrageous!! I'm sure when I get back I will post my report for you guys and come back daily to read just like most of you. You gentleman that post your reports, suggestions and recommendations are truly the BEST hats off to you all. Gordon love to buy you a beer on the 6th when I arrive at S.S. I will be in Bkk on the 2nd and will try to hook up Loxinfo if I have any free time I will start the report from there. Ramster
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