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  1. yes, the distance is a bit far, lets all be serious about that. for me it's no problems because I rent a 'cycle wherever I go and crazy town is no exception. on the nights when I wanted to get hammered, i left the honda dream parked and jumped on a baht bus; 10 baht and 5 minutes later I was at the small soi that leads to walking street and was happy as a pig in shit, or a horny guy in pattaya. bring a business card from the front desk at all times in your pocket, because at 2 or 3 am when you are heading back you give that to a moto-taxi guy and you are home in no time, for
  2. I was directed to the RG from this board back in October and I just stayed there for 9 days and was quite happy with it. the main thing for me when I travel is discretion and this place could give a good damn about what you are doing at all times; they leave you alone, don't ask for ID cards, and are very friendly and courteous when you ask them something but leave you be when you don't. the room was very nice and the service was good, decent room service food until 11PM and the BBQ out front was also above average. the pool was nice and I spend lots of time there when i was
  3. yes, that helps very much and thanks because I will be staying at the Residence gardens. I agree AOL blows; i never use their browser; but they have a good mail program that I like and about 100 people know my multiple addresses; major hassle to change now. thanks again Bob
  4. sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, but has anyone here ever tried to access AOL from your hotel rooms in BKK or Pattaya? I have a list of access numbers for both places but have never tried dialing up from my laptop....could come in very handy if these work. any ideas? how do you guys with laptops connect with the internet when you are in Thailand? which ISP are you using? thanks Bob
  5. the 'new' building is the one to stay in if you can; not sure if it is called 1, 2 or 3. and I am not trying to talk you out of the Marriott; their rooms are certainly beautiful but seriously are smaller than the GP. I think you are paying for the name and the lobby there more than anything. I was in one of the rooms recently with a date visiting a friend who was staying there and I couldn't help but think 'this is nothing special, especially for 6000B per night'. Bob
  6. you can save half the price of the Marriott and get a room just as nice at the Grand President on Soi 11 for 60 US per night. Internet in room and every room is a suite, and actually bigger than the standard rooms at the Marriott, which are 140 US per night. The Omni, which is near the Marriott, is 50 per night for a suite and has broadband for my laptop, which is an unbelievable convenience. why pay twice as much when you can get a room just as good with more room and better conveniences? Bob
  7. just re-read your post and it seems as though you do indeed have the same flight time as i usually do; maybe even with Northwest? my advice above is still valid; although you say that the availibity of ladies is not really necessary, I feel as though since it will be your last night you may want to have some company. why sit in your hotel at the Amari alone when you can be at the Nana or the Dynasty with a cutie? hang with her until 3 or so, take a shower and get your ass up to the airport; you will be too wound up to sleep anyway. The taxi on Nana Tai can get you to the airport
  8. you will never find a cheap hotel near the airport unless you know a local and they can find some type of guesthouse up around there. The Amari is the only real hotel there and is very nice and has broadband and a shuttle to the airport for free. but this costs between 4000 and 6000 per night. you really don't need to be 'near the airport'. taxis are plentiful in BKK and can get you to the airport in 25 minutes from Sukhimvit road between 9PM and 6AM, and in about an hour the rest of the time. Khoa San road is about the same time. so get a cheap room in either place and ju
  9. while I will probably get a lot of disagreements and head-shakers since this IS a pattaya board, my opinion is that Bangkok is better for everything. To me Pattaya is the minor leagues compared to the big-time of the capitol, and there is just so much more to do and see in bangkok, even if you are not a daytime sight-seer. the nighlife in the greatest city in the world is fantastic and the place is always pulsating with excitement [and this was so much better 3 or 4 years ago before Thaksin and his thugs got put in office; Pattaya also]. I also firmly believe that the girls in BKK are
  10. Tabmule.....can you tell me more about the Dynasty resort? The bungalows and balcony rooms sound nice; are they suites? 10 minutes from pattaya isn't bad because I usually rent a 'cycle anyway, but is it in the direction of North Pattaya or Jomtien? their website is pretty incomplete. I don't always keep the new-girl-every-2-hours routine but it's nice to keep my options open, ya' know? I have a teelac in BKK so whenever i go to Pattaya or Phuket I tend to let loose. the rates for everything down there is so much better than bangkok and finding a girl for 500/st is very
  11. nautical inn is a great deal for 550B, corner of beach road and soi 10 near Mike Department store. great pool in a tropical setting, nice staff, decent rooms; clean but nothing special. the restaurant is pretty horrible......eat elsewhere. but this place is definately worth 550 and the location is good; 'Lets Relax' massage is next door and high-speed internet is 100 yards away. Bob
  12. thank you leadbelly....that was a very hopeful response because I was already considering this place based on the great reviews up here. To be truthful i am no different from any other guy up here; I just like being discreet and want to bring as little attention to myself as possible. one of the reviews even talked about how the sabai lodge gave 1 guy the dirty looks every time he brought a new girl in there, and who needs that crap? I was a nautical inn guy for years; get a nice poolside room and keep your key with you and no one can see what the hell you are doing day and nig
  13. when in doubt, do a google search. my entry for 'bay breeze hotel pattaya' brought up several matches and the first one said this; Location : Situated on Pattaya 2nd Road, near Pattaya Beach go here; http://ash-hotel.com/baybreeze.htm and here; http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-...e+hotel+pattaya bob
  14. thanks; I actually know of this place because I used to stay next door at the Nautical inn [great deal for 550 baht but now I can afford a wee bit better]. I will look into the Natural, which seemed to be a step up from the Nautical. Bob
  15. I like the Oriental Mae Ping.....you can stay there through sawadee.com for about 1200B; very nice place and no problems with guests. the lobby is so big they have no idea who the hell is coming in and out. 3 restaraunts and a pool, laundy, central location, nice rooms. good place. Bob
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