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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. hi ian do i have to quilify for the rider-her cup or am i captains pick, as my record is played 2 and only won 1/2 point. be assured me and frank are really up for it this year, espeicaly after last years hammering see you soon bertie
  2. hi callum I think bazza has pm you but yes it is true i will be making a return to the european team this year size xxl but keep a medium to one side just in case handicap 16 look forward to seeing everyone bertie
  3. Some great pics there Ian, it was a great plessure meeting the likes of you, greg (dungheap), and callum. The memories just keep flooding back just how good a day it really was, even thou we did get beat, but next years trip is already in the making. I will get round to posting some pics when i come out of the depression phase
  4. Hoping that we have no more rain, do you know how long a course takes to dry up?
  5. Hilly Will be arriving just in time for the halloween party, so if i remember iwill pick you some up at LHR. Roll on sunday
  6. Doggie Sorry for the hold up, but trying to get in touch with people has been a nightmare. I can now confirm that 3 more of my friends would like to play, if it is fully booked then could you please put them on the waiting list. Thedazzler / size XL / handicap 10 dinerdave / size L / handicap 20 nastynick / size L / handicap 28 I know it will short notice doggie but regarding the other golf days, its going to be if you have any spaces left then maybe we can fill them. Sorry if i'm being a pain in the . Cheers bertie
  7. Doggie firstly i would like to congratulate you on surviving your party, what a great night you must of had. The pics alone say a thousand words. secondly is about the golf, when i first posted about the rider-her cup it was only me and 3 friends coming, now it has now esculated to 8 plus, five friends that will be out there when we arrive. Some of these are newbie's to LOS and some are newbie's to golf as well, so if you are looking to increase the field to 40, i'm sure three of them would gladly love to participate. In amongst one of the five that will be out there then i arrive is a 4 handicapper, which would make a great addittion to team europe. Now for the bad news, i can't make the chaing mai trip, as i have to go to surin around loh katrong and the elephant festival, sorry if this has caused you any trouble. As for the the golf days you have arranged around the rider-her cup, i'm sure most of our group would be interested. Lastly i would just like to say the beers are on me doggie for all the hard work you've done organising this great golfing week. Wheels up in 18 days. cheers bertie
  8. Spot on doggie, english patient will have to lighten up a bit. Many of the caddies know me at phoenix and they take the piss out of me more than my golfing partners. Anyway on another note me and foursome frank have been putting in hours of practice, not something i normally do, but with the rideher cup fast approaching. it has to be done, and the same go's for all of the euro team. One last thing, i hope pieman can make our sexy caddies party, after speaking with a few board members, mirkwood and co at the thai festival in godalming, they said this man can really drink and thats what we like to hear Just a handful of piss taking caddies
  9. Hi doggie can confirm that me and frank will definitely be playing in the rideher cup, i have another friend coming with me , that would like to play as well. bertie707= 15 handicap XXL foursomefrank= 19 handicap XL baldbaz= 22 handicap XL We would like to play for team europe As for the trip to chang mai, myself and baldbaz would like to go One last thing, me and 6 friends are having a sexy caddies party at flb bar on the 2nd of november, i hope that all that are playing in this great golfing week might be able to pop in for a drink
  10. Doggie, I have a friend that would like to play in the rideher cup, but he is not a board member, but he does visit the flb bar with me. If you have any places going after all board members have signed up. He would be more than happy to join in. Only 16 weeks and counting to beating them yanks again ( no hard feelings ) Cheers bertie
  11. doggie The flights are booked and im all ready for whole of the november programme, count me in. The chaing mai is a definant but i may be bringing my thai girl friend, but who knose what might happen between now and november. As for transport the go by road sounds like fun, but i dont mind. bertie
  12. Hi doggie, I'm a newbie to the site, but have been to thailand and flb bar before. I'm back in thailand in just over 5 weeks time and will be indroducing myself to everyone associated with the flb bar. As for the rideher cup, i read the last one and what a fantastic day you all had, if you are not fully booked with regulars, i would love to play in the november. look forward to meeting everyone. bertie
  13. Thanks for your welcome ashboy, I'm in thailand from 13th of may until 4th of june. maybe if your around at that time we can share a few beers
  14. I'm a newbie to the site but not thailand and was wondering if there is any golfing events booked for may. I Will be arriving on the 13th of may and would like to come along to any golfing day that has been arranged
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