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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Just one addition to the above. Do not try to renew a 1 or a 5 year license before the date the old one expires. If you do then you will likely only get a new 1 year license only. Crazy but true and they expect you to go to the license centre with one that has already expired.
  2. Correct and I think you will find the result was 13/11 to the US in 2005
  3. Glad to see the recovery is going well Denny.
  4. The Dynasty Grande does it for me and am there right now.
  5. And believe me the indentical twins are as cute as can be and Lobin has given me permission to bring my camera so I can take some photos of them. If this invloves a short time room then sobeit. PS My missus just said this was OK but she says she is coming also to keep me under control.
  6. As I think I said fishing on Bali Hi is not allowed and security likely to chuck you off the pier.
  7. Problem with pier fishing is one we dont have have piers since the one on beach road was knocked down and two the places to fish from the shore are in the full sun. Bali Hi might be half decent now but you cant fish on it unless you are a TG who I know who spends many nights a week there after work catching squid. Sorry nearly forgot. There arn't any decent fish in shore as polution keeps them away and the Thais eat them when they are still fry.
  8. No it's not, it was always on Patayaland Soi 1 unless it moved. Green fees vary on different course and all have special offers like Sports Days etc where you can get much cheaper rates. As said above Solar can arrange your golf, transport and everything. Send him a PM! October is still low season so green fee rates vary from 500 Baht up to 3000 for top courses but expect around 2000 all in as an average plus transport etc. If you were going it alone then you must get a PSC membership card for very good discounts.
  9. Many companies. He brokers.
  10. But where will you be Steve??? Taxi lives here now so he dosn't need to register.
  11. Forget all that is was a load of old cobblers. Thought he was asking about Roxy (show bar) and had a brainstorm. So here goes again.
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