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  1. Thanks here too Brian, I'm arriving late August so watching the thread to see how things are going. Booked the Bay Breeze as a back up but prefer PBR.
  2. I'm off to Vietnam in a few days. Yes you'll need a visa and a pre approval letter which you can do online, the link below is the cheapest I've found: http://www.smiletravelvietnam.com/travelvietnam/vietnamVisa.aspx You'll need to print it out and present it to customs when you arrive, then pay $US50 for visa on arrival, a little bit of messing around but saves sending your passport to the Embassy and all the messing around that entails. Hope that helps
  3. I stayed there in August just when the take over of management was taking place. The goss was they were going to build 2 more buildings, over time. One on the concreted land where the car/bike rental place facing The Avenue Shopping Centre used to be and the other on the vacant jungle block of land. Thats a pretty tall order, affectively it'll triple the amount of rooms. I'm happy to stand corrected here and hope I got it wrong. I've stayed at this hotel my last 5 trips to Patts and really like the place. It'd be a shame to spoil it by changing it so much. The other rumour was the
  4. Saw it in Melbourne it was well worth getting out of bed @ 5am for. It was a fantastic crisp clear morning, amazing stuff. It really was red. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/technology/sci-tech/longest-lunar-eclipse-for-a-decade-for-south-australia-stargazers/story-fn5iztw3-1226075830322
  5. Hi folks, I'm off to Patts in Aug and as luck would have it broke a tooth this arvo while eating an Easter egg! Reckon I can hang out until I'm in Patts to get it fixed and was hoping someone could put me onto a good dentist in town. I've already done a topic search but seems like the last real recommendations were about 2 years ago so I'm sure things might have changed since then. Thanks in advance Ozzie
  6. the first one cracked me up, looking forward to this as well
  7. There are loads of Aussie Bars in Boystown - so I hear!! Hahahahaha
  8. BB was the hotel I stayed in on my first trip to Patts, the thing that struck me the most was the flowers literally painted on the wall, classy! Its an ok hotel, pretty good loc and inc brekky. When I stayed the rooms had safes in them but looks like they've taken them out now. Better to be had but I wouldn't break down and cry if it was the only place I could find in town.
  9. I hope it is, its the sort of thing I'd want to be involved in in years to come.
  10. Great pics, something else to add to the "to do" list.
  11. My first trip to twatsville was Samui and I remember paying 200Baht back in '98. Last trip I was paying 300Baht so not much of an increase in 10 years. My last bar girl said she was going home to visit the family after I left and was saying that even though she wasn't working the bar she'd have to pay the barfine herself while she was away. I was a bit skeptical about this, thought it might be a subtle way of asking for more money, but I'm not sure. Has anyone here heard of this before? I wouldn't pay 1000Baht bar fine, even for a go go stunner, but 300 I think is reasonable.
  12. Sizzlers cheap? I wouldn't pay what they're asking for a steak here let alone in Thailand. Kiss is reasonable value but nothing special food wise. Charlies sounds interesting though. Might try that myself next time in town.
  13. The FLB girls sure look tempting don't they. Secrets room rates are reasonable, I was thinking of the deluxe room. Mid range is good enough for me, I normally just go for standard rooms though. No pools not an issue, I'll be diving for other stuff though! When I move on the other hotel will have a pool. I was thinking of bfing Sri, I seen here before where ppl have recommended her as a good gf experience. Can anyone support/add to that?
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