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  1. Bass, Yes, I'm going directly from the airport and I'm arriving late tomorrow night. I couldn't be bothered to waste a night in Bangkok. I would use the Sabai Inn's taxi service, but I'm not willing to give any credit card details over the Internet. I know of too many people who had their fingers burned. I don't think Secure Visa On-line has caught on in Thailand yet. It's easy enough to get a taxi at the airport. I normally grab on of the newer, yellow Camrys for about 1500 baht and I look for a driver without any glazed look in his eyes. I once finished up with a doped-up lun
  2. Roy, I have already booked the Superior B room and I will arrive late on Tuesday night. According to the map on their website, the Superior B rooms are located close to Soi 1, away from the noisy bars on Soi 2. I think I remember Soi 2 being a one-way Soi (Second Rd. to Beachroad). Which is the nearest Soi going the other way (Beach Road to Second Road)? I want to be able to give the taxi driver precise directions. I don't want to cart my luggage all the way to the reception from Beach Road. Half the lunatics don't know their way around Pattaya. Where did Khun Care learn how to wr
  3. drpaul and rb, Thank you for the useful information. There is no way I would want to put up with any construction noise. Especially in the morning, when I want to spend some quality time with the hired help. I never get out of bed before 1 PM and they can shove the jackhammers up their arse. I think I will be happy down in Soi 2 this time around and might try the INN House at a later trip, when things have quitened down. They advertise some very attractive monthly rates on their website. Cheers Gonzo
  4. Redwood, Try the ORANGE HOUSE in Soi 1 on Jomtien Beach Road. My friend and his Thai family stayed there last December. It's a well run place with a proper reception area and good facilities. Lots of Farang and Thai families stay there. It's 12000 baht per month, which works out at 400 baht per day. All the units have two rooms with a big fridge and 2 TV sets. I think the daily rate is only slightly higher. I don't like Jomtien much, otherwise I would stay there myself. When you get off the Bahtbus at Soi 1 on Jomtien Beach Road, walk right to the end of Soi 1. It's about 5 minute
  5. Bass, Thanks again for the info. I have a German mate who lives in Koh Samui. He is always asking me to pay him a visit. I will give it a miss now. I like Hua Hin and Chiang Mai though and will travel there again by bus. I like travelling on the aircon buses in Thailand. Gonzo
  6. Rex, Thanks for all the positive feedback from you guys. I'm now really looking forward to my trip over there next Tuesday. It's only a five hour flight from my domicile here in Darwin. This is my sixth trip to Thai and I usually stay about 6-8 weeks. I like the King-size bed, but I hate bathtubs. I nearly killed myself in the Bay Breeze, when I slipped in the tub after a night on the piss a couple of years ago. I had a bad cut on my head and broke six ribs. It fucked my holidays for a couple of weeks. Cheers mate Gonzo
  7. Bass, Thanks for the advice about the beds. I will send a message to the articulate e-mail girl (Care) and ask for a large bed. I'm 6'3" and have some ligament damage in my left knee. I might get it checked in the nearby Pattaya International Hospital. There is no way I'm going to put up with a small single bed. Actually, I have learned to put up with the pain. A few cans of Singha and half a pill of Cialis normally does the trick. Bass, did you manage to do the train trip down to Koh Samui? Cheers Gonzo (Sigi)
  8. Monkeyman, Thanks for the info. A small window is better than no window. If the rooms are too dark I will amble over to Big C and purchase some stronger lightbulbs. That should at least allow me to read the newspaper, whilst the hired help watches some idiotic Thai soap opera on the telly. I hope they have decent-size refrigerators. There is a good selection of smallgoods over at the Big C supermarket. I always get the munchies when I get home late at night with a bellyful of Singha. Cheers Gonzo
  9. Hi all, Well, I gave the idea about staying at the INN House a miss. All the stories about the consruction noise scrared me off. I then e-mailed the Sabai Lodge about one of their Standard rooms for 800 baht. They are all booked out for November. But I was offered a Superior B room for 850 baht without breakfast (who wants breakfast anyway?) I told them I didn't want to supply my credit card details and would pay cash. Not a problem. I always wanted to try the Soi 2 area for a change and I'm sick of shitholes like the Bay Breeze, Apex, Lek Hotel, Honey Lodge, Inntown Hotel
  10. Hi, Could anyone tell me how all this construction work on Soi 13 affects the INN House? I was hoping it wouldn't be as much affected, as it is located closer to Beach Road. I was hoping to stay there in November without any of the noise. Thanks for any replies.
  11. I stayed at the Intown Holiday Hotel last December. I only went there because my other favourite places were booked out also. I had to pay 700 baht per night, which I believe is more than what is normally charged. They took advantage of the high season with many places booked out. The staff at the counter is very unfriendly. At one stage they insisted on full payment for the duration of my stay in advance (6 weeks). I objected and they then agreed to accept payment on a weekly basis. The tiled floors in the walkways outside the rooms are very noisy with revellers coming home late at night.
  12. Tongue-in-cheek? Never! If you would see my Oy when she tells nothing but the truth you would not be so cynical. Gonzo
  13. I know what a good girl is supposed to be. I don't like them either. I will not send any money. If I had any money I would be back in Pattaya now. Thanks for the advice anyway. Gonzo
  14. You are only half right. I just came back from a holiday in Pattaya and I went out with both of the nice girls at the same time. Oy went back to see her sick brother in Khon Kaen with the money I gave her when I left. She will only come back to Pattaya when I go back there for my next holiday in June. Mai, my other girlfriend, rang me on the cell phone this morning. She said she is waiting for me to come back and she will not go with other customer until my return. She wants me to send a little money to pay for her room. I think I am a very lucky man to have met those two lovely darling
  15. Thanks Emil, "We are the World" is the name of the Bar. I remembered as soon as you mentioned it. I barfined a couple of girls from there and I can't remember their names either. I hope it is not an early case of Alzheimers and only a Pattaya related illness. Gonzo
  16. Hi fellows. Could someone tell me the name of the Bar Beer next to the World Wide A Go Go on Beach Road near Soi 8? I believe it is owned by the same people as the Go Go Bar. I met some nice girls there on my last trip and a bottle of Singha was only 35 Baht during Happy Hour. Gonzo
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