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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. to be honest I can't handle any more websites stop w/the websites already ! sheesh
  2. This is another case for the Serious Crimes Unit http://www.police.go.th/trenglish.htm
  3. So Matador, are you still out there? Did you ever make it to Pattaya? Didn't you have a trip planned for the end of June / beg. of July? You asked a lot of questions in your preparation. Let's hear about your adventure..
  4. Assuming you're in the States: I inquired to a Thai Gov't. Ofc about this issue once and the reply was: Please contact Office of Agricultural Affairs at moacdc@thaiembdc.org or call: 202-338-1543
  5. isn't it 250 baht for the door-to-door shuttle that picks you up in the Nana Lobby? you need to split that?
  6. Do you have your toe-jam removed before, during or after your ghoulash? Just kidding....I'm sure my ancestors were hassled in Hungary sometime during the last century. I just might stop in for a bite.
  7. Right on!! Now that's what I'm talking about !!!
  8. Those fat white women should be made to feel unwelcome...Pattaya is where we can go to get away from that slop. Let's all do our best.
  9. I'd try to work out a deal with the good folks at Trojan or Durex, et al... for a lifetime supply of condoms. Maybe you could be their SpokesPenis in LOS...
  10. Correction: It's called N.P.K. Tour & Travel next to Spicy's
  11. The travel agency next to Spicy Girls...Pattayaland 1 I think it's called NEK Travel or something similar.. Ask for Rak
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