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  1. No elef on direct flights when the plane stops some people get off some people get on but unless it's your final destination you stay on. Sometimes you will be allowed off if you take your boarding pass with you.
  2. Anybody can do it. How many saw Tiger put his eagle putt into the water? Did you know that you could go back and replay the putt since it was in a hazard taking a penalty stroke, not me.
  3. Hoss, I to get a 90 day supply of blood pressure meds. When I go to Pattaya for an extended visit I call the pharmacy and get a vacation supply. I have had no problem in getting a double dose. Suggest you try that and take meds with you rather than depending on mail. Get a condo for more than 3 months.
  4. Glad it's not just me. I am also on broadband and although it doest not take a minute per page it is still very slow.
  5. Since PayPal does not have a branch in Thailand, has anyone ever sent money using IKOBO.com? It would seem to beat wire transfers.
  6. Arriving Bangkok Oct 5 11:50 pm planning to go to Pattaya from Nana Hotel Oct 7 early afternoon. Happy to share limo.
  7. I bought a set of "real" MacGregor clubs with bag and putter for 30,000. The knock off's can be bought for about 25,000. It depends on what kind of clubs you want. Most likely you can buy used here in the US cheaper and just leave them in Pattaya after your next trip there.
  8. I considered buying a condo the last time I was in Pattaya. I looked at several all on the water which made them a bit on the expensive side. I know a few expaits who own condos and some have warned me off buying in Pattaya. One long time resident suggested that I invest my money in a property here (U.S.), rent it out and use that rent to pay for my rent in Pattaya if I wanted to live there. Seems like a good suggestion to me. Talk with the folks who live there before you decide to tie up your money.
  9. Does anyone have information on this hotel on North Road. There was one review in the review section but was a bit old. What about joiner fees. etc. Thanks
  10. Colin, check out Pinewood Condo's. Located on second road betweem Soi6 and Soi 5. There is a website. Pinewood Residence, I think. Not much of a pool but other than that it's OK. I plan to stay there again later this week Bob
  11. Phil, I am arriving 17th on the Northwest flight from Tokyo. I think it gets in at 11:50 so that's to late for anyone to wait. However I was thinking of staying a night or two at Nana so if you want to share a ride to Pattaya on the 18th or 19th, let me know.
  12. I agree with Hub about the Pattaya Sports Club. Good value and you also get discounts at some hotels as well as golf courses. I joined last year and took the 5 year option. Spent April and May as well as October and November in Pattaya playing a few rounds of golf with friends and also the bar groups. I like the Sugar Shack bunch who go out M.W.F. to a different course each time. That's often enough for me. Others go every day if you wish. There are usually all levels of golfers but everyone has fun. I will be back April and May this year doing the same. Have Fun Bob
  13. I will be landing in Bangkok at 10:10 am October 10 on Singapore Air 0062. Anyone wanting to share limo to Pattaya let me know.
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