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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I would say things have changed a bit. I have only been going to LOS for about 8 years but I have noticed some changes. Service is the main thing. Everything used to be up to you but now it's more, what the bargirl wants. You are right about ignoring customers. I saw a very nice looking lady at a bar reading a book. (Boss not around.) I tried talking to her but she said she wanted to read. Each time I saw her, she was reading. A couple days later she didn't have a book and was eager to get me to barfine her. I asked why she wasn't reading and was interested in me now. She simply said she needed to make money...so she could buy more books.
  2. Anything fun planned for April 15th-30th? Let me know. I will pry myself away from the debauchery on Soi Filthy to come by.
  3. I have paid some bangkock prices for a shag and I woul drather get to Pattaya late and find an open bar, not hard at all, and take one there. Mandarin on Soi 6 is a great option late. Bangkock is a huge ripoff and not as fun IMHO. You can stay there as many nights as you like of course as that will free up a room in Pattaya for me.
  4. The NHL is the only league where 75% of the revenue goes to the players. Now they want more. I have no sympathy for the players union and I really dont care if there is a lockout this season. I love hockey but those guys make more money in one year than I will in a lifetime. I wish it was like the old days. It was real hockey and the goalies didnt have giant equipment to stop the pucks. Just balls of steel. Guys like Sawchuk (who eventually wore a mask) still had 103 shutouts. Those guys played the game because they loved it. Now they play for the money instead of love of the game. I was in 3 leagues in California in one season. I just enjoyed playing. I never got paid. Got invited to a camp but that was all. I would love to get paid anything to play instead of go to work. Those guys dont know how good they have it.
  5. Did any of you ever get paid to play? I played some in California but not in the minor pros. Was invited to a camp though. That was nice. I had only been playing a few years and was already in my late 20's so I didnt go.
  6. Upena - you got to see Gordie and the guys?!?!? Wow! I bow to you. Very cool. We can talk Wings in LOS in Sep!!! I am buying my ticket in about 24 hours!!!
  7. I am a Redwings fan and have been since 1991 when Fedorov came to play there. It was great watching the Russian 5 line. What sucks is they are sort of the Yankees of hockey with a giant payroll. I think my new favorite players are Datsyuk and Zetterberg. They are amazing. Saw them in Pittsburgh last year. Wings lost though... At least I got to see Zetterberg score.
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