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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. Same that all Americans are not bad, just a shame the ones who are have really fucked up the world; extravagant support of Israeli belligerence instead of working for a peaceful solution, bombing and invading countries around the world for oil. Weapons of mass destruction that did not exist. Christianity? I thought that was supposed to be a tolerant religion. I have met some good Americans so not all all can be tarred with the same brush.
  2. Interesting question given that so much of the goodwill is tied to the owner. RH has a good following and is well presented so must be a better option than most bars in Pattaya
  3. Yes that was my original plan. Bought two unit condo early in in 2008 as then "childless" but I am now in a long term relationship + have a new son. A condo was the right decision as it was good value, is safe, easy to maintain, easy to just close the door and walk away when not in LOS it provides rental income. Reason for now wanting a house is the condo is not suitable for my son, swimming pool is great but the balcony is a worry also VT 2B is not really a place for him to "grow up". A house is what we need. Big decision is location. Thinking about other areas such as Hua Hin, but need to research the Darkside as I know nothing about it. Some guys who are on rotation live in houses in Jomtien so need to find out about that also. Reason for my OP is I was hoping to get some feedback on specifics from BM's who are resident in Pattaya (Darkside mainly but also Jomtien). Cheers SNN
  4. Been thinking about the future and one item on the to do list is to have a house in Pattaya / Jomtein. Ok so what would the guys who have rented or bought on the Dark Side recommend 1. rent 2. buy in a few years time 3. buy now and rent out until I am full time in Thailand? 4. what 5. where Right now I am working in the Middle East but in a couple of years will need a house. Thanks SNN
  5. Not much help to your present predicament but next consider renting a condo where wifi is provided free of charge.
  6. 1. No problems about availability - easy to book but best fun is to go with a group of guys. There are plenty of bars organizing golf days. One of the better ones that welcomes shit learners like myself is Yates Bar on Soi 13/2. The owner is called Eddie and he is a really good player. I think regular trips are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pop in the bar and have a beer with Eddie a couple of days before and he will explain / sign you up. 2. Cost vary depending on which course but usually THB 1,000 to around THB2,000 all in for a days golf. Going in a group usually means someone has a Pattaya Sports Club membership and the group gets the PSC discount. Yates don't put a mark up on the costs, simply divides the cost of the transport and the green fess by the number of people. 3. Courses are fantastic in Thailand. Good luck with it. http://www.theemeraldgolf.com/index.html http://www.buraphagolfthailand.com/golfcourse.htm + many more just google
  7. Went to the German Dentist yesterday and was told I need root canal treatment and a cap on one of my rear upper molars. Reason is the tooth has died. Would appreciate feed back on what the likely cost should be and how long the treatment (several visits?) should take. I discussed it with the dentist and she seemed to saying it will take several weeks from start to finish. Thanks SNN
  8. This happens in the Netherlands, I used to live there and got pulled over at immigration to pay an old speeding fine when travelling on business. When asked what would have happened if I didn't have the cash the answer was "we would have held you until the fine was paid".
  9. 1956 November 26, 1955 - January 13, 1956: Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford January 14 - February 17: Memories Are Made Of This - Dean Martin February 18 - March 2: Great Pretender - The Platters March 3 - March 23: Rock And Roll Waltz - Kay Starr March 24 - May 2: Poor People Of Paris - Les Baxter May 3 - June 15: Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley June 16 - August 3: Wayward Wind - Gogi Grant August 4 - August 17: I Almost Lost My Mind - Pat Boone August 18 - September 14: My Prayer - The Platters September 15 - November 2: Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog - Elvis Presley November 3 - November 16: Green Door - Jim Lowe November 17 - December 7: Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley December 8 - December 21: Singing The Blues - Guy Mitchell December 22 - December 28: Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley December 29, 1956 - February 8, 1957: Singing The Blues - Guy Mitchell
  10. Or for a THB 2,500,000 condo bought in 2003 at THB 67 to the 1 GBP the GBP cost would have been THB 2,500,000 / THB 67 = GBP 37,313 At todays exchange rate of THB 47 = 1 GBP the owner would only need to sell for THB 1,753,741 / THB 47 = GBP 37,313 This is a drop of THB 746,268 or a drop of 30% against the original THB 2,500,000 This only works if the guy is selling up and transferring the funds back to UK. Not all Condo buyers and sellers are from the UK and not all are sending the money back to the UK but surely the exchange rate drop will have some impact on the market in Pattaya, if not the full 30%.
  11. Just sent you a pm re the rates. If you need any more info please pm me.
  12. Rubbish. Been using Mr T since 2003 and never a problem, certainly not a rip off, just the opposite my experience has been a good service every trip. If any BM's can get a taxi outside the airport cheaper than THB 1,000 including tolls then I would certainly like to hear about it.
  13. UPDATE - Available 6 - 9 and 22 - 29 December 2010. Fully booked Jan, Feb Mar 2011 My condo in VT 2B 5th Floor a 2 room unit is avaiable for rent, on a nightly or weekly basis. Its available first week in November, 21-Nov-10 to 06 - 09-Dec-10 and from 22 to 29-Dec-10 (reasonable rates and electricity at cost or included depending on the rate agreed) Free ADSL cable / Wifi included. More info can be seen on the Agents website http://www.dancewatchers.com/5_VT2B.html If you are interested please pm me for the rate Living Room Bedroom Kitchen View from the balcony Pool Poolside Restaurant
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