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  1. September Prices Hi Media H8 PLUS 4999 BAHT Hi Media Lite 3999 Baht Mxq Clk 4200 Baht Other boxes on request All fully loaded with the latest apps which provides Live Epl , Nfl,Mba,Cricket, Rugby,College Football and most sporting events worldwide Includes mainstream Tv From many countries UK USA AUSSIE GERMAN FRENCH DUTCH ITALIAN INDIAN and many more Plus thousands of movies on demand including recent releases from 2018 If you like Animal Planet Nat Geo History channel etc all are loaded on the box ONE PAYMENT ONLY NO MONTHLY FEES AND ACCESS TO OUR OWN SUPPORT FORUM FOR CHANNEL INFORMATION Buy a Hi Media H8 Plus and get free install and 1 hour demo in central pattaya and darkside All queries via pm or email WORLDWIDEEXPATTV@GMAIL.COM Every box purchased by a board member we will donate 100 baht to the forum Bring your old box to life for just 500 BAHT
  2. Live Sports Worldwide channels EPL AFL NRL NFL MLB CRICKET RUGBY AND MUCH MORE
  3. Another one via browser mainly usa sports http://www.sportshd.me/mlb/1/t
  4. Some afl games are on bt sports but not all of them
  5. Yes for the Formula 1 in Easy R Con bar with sound,thats the one under the hotel
  6. Not the best of quality but can be watched via browser on most devices has every epl game on, plus lots of thai stuff if you have partner Better than nowt some would say https://sakkarinsai8.com/tvonline/20
  7. It isnt law to carry a passport 24/7 anyone says it is feel free to copy and paste from thai written law below Im waiting
  8. Watch tv from back home,mainstream tv, sports, movies ,documentaries,tv series Fully loaded and with our own dedicated forum for channel info and news updates No Monthly Fees 4999 Baht One Payment Only and 3999 Baht the more expensive box is 2gb and 16 ram and a better processor warranty 6 months on all boxes Or update your old box for 500 BAHT Queries to worldwideexpattv@gmail.com
  9. Great bars with a wide range of live sports 365 moo9 Soi Buakhao 20150 Pattaya Get Directions https://www.facebook.com/Easy-R-Con-Bar-2-387863581349833/?fb_dtsg_ag=AdyuM3CCvsoomvAF-r5E0qDisxM_IRXRecnX8nGeHhxRGg%3AAdxy-8In709PdkaVE8qOVSoctIE-sZH8mOvUfDhVAo0GJg
  10. Travel Trolley and Fly Sharp currently have Eithad Airways LHR>>>>BKK return for September and October for only £350 get in there.
  11. Thats bit slow we suggest a minimum speed of 10 mbps is that your own dedicated internet or the condos shared ?
  12. Yes empty ones are around 3600 on lazada ,ours are loaded with a wide range of channels sports and movies tv series etc etc plus we provide free after sevice via our forum which tells members the best place to watch epl and other stuff and has lots of information regarding new stuff we put on
  13. December Prices Worldwide Expat tv uk usa aussie german french italian denmark sweden dutch indian arabic plus many more HI Media Q3 3999 Baht Hi Media H8 PLUS 5800 --- 5300 Baht Including CATCH UP Hi Media Lite 4500 Baht including CATCH UP MXq CLK 4500 Baht DECEMBER SALE Hi Media H8 PLUS 5800 --REDUCED TO- 5300 Baht Including CATCH UP NO MONTHLY FEES
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