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  1. I went once and would not return. It's walking distance from my place. I asked if there was Bangkok Bank Bank, which there isn't, she said M London. I asked what floor she said M and I left...
  2. I have seen these attempts at "reclaiming" the beach in Southern California for many years. All failed with the first big storms and the other forces of nature. The only partial success I saw was when large stone jetties were also put in at a huge expense. And that was only partially successful. The sand is already washing out. The water is hopelessly polluted anyway. I walked into that small sewage treatment plant in Naklua one day. What was coming out looked like road/asphalt tar. It was reported not too long ago that the plant was non operational and could not be repaired? Too bad the beach at the bottom of Soi 18 in Naklua is quite nice. however you can't go in the water. I had 4 friends from England get really drunk and decided to go swimming at around Soi 6. All of them got wierd rashes and two had eye infections. I see more people going in as "alledged high season" approaches. Makes ya wonder. The beaches are extremely polluted even out at Koh Larn now. Pretty said because I love the ocean. Side note lots of people even getting sick at the pool at the condo I live in which looks quite nice. Lots of kids now and never see anyone using the toilet. I stopped going in because of recurring ear infections. OK keep the sand coming...
  3. Just joined today. I found your Monkeytalk most entertaining and true...
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