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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. I heard recently that a tablet of generic viagra or cialis costs 50 cents (US), which would be 15 baht in Thailand. Go to www.goodrx.com and give a US zip code to find out the local cost of various medications. Reason for cheap viagra generic is that it the real viagra is now off patent or copyright. I visited several pharmacies in Pattaya and asked about viagra. They showed me Kamagra in tablet form and gel form (sachet). Price quotes were about 300-350 baht per four tablets and about 50-60 baht per sachet of single dose gel, which supposedly works faster. A generic cialis was available for 350 baht per four tablets. Is there a lower price? Is there any other generic at lower price? If yes, where? In Angeles City, four tablets of viagra or cialis (actually fake generic) cost 100 pesos (or, about $2 USD). Lower price if you buy 10, 20, or more, or a repeat customer, or a great bargainer. In Manila, price starts at 1,000 pesos (or, about $20 USD) and drops quickly to 500 pesos. But, difficult to get a lower price. Of course, foreign tourists are banned from entering PI since late March 2020. Anyone tried mail order? One time, lazada.co.th showed Kamagra gel available for purchase for about 300 baht. Later, the web site showed no Kamagra available. Thanks for inputs based on actual experience.
  2. Tum on soi 15 looks promising. Because it has 3 floors above. I have been in a few ground-floor massage places, where they go upstairs to an another room to give a Thai massage. The floors above Tum have windows. Maybe they can be opened. Of course, it is closed now -- due to the current mandatory closings, shutdown, lockdown, or whatever the current closures is being called. But, when re-opened, I will check it out. It is on my To-Do list.
  3. Bullfrog: " Try the shop north side of R-CON S-Bend .. " Thanks, I do not know this area. One day, I will take a walk and look. Barhop: " https://bangkokpost.pressreader.com/bangkok-post " I have to take a good look at it. Not easy to sit on a throne and to read my laptop. pattysteve: " Pattaya klang between buakhow and 3rd road(2 small shops) " For many years, I used to walk between 2nd Road and Big C Extra. Those shops with a table full of newspapers outside near the sidewalk, near 3rd Road, never had a Bangkok Post. However, a small shop on the north side of Pattaya Klang, near 2nd Road, would sometimes have a Bangkok Post; but never when I wanted to buy one. SOLUTION: Thai lady on Soi Buakhao, across from Cheap Charlie restaurant, returned on Tuesday, Jan 6, 2021, with her little stand of newspapers. Her eye operation was apparently successful. During the time she was away, I continued my read of an old World War II spy mystery in England and France. Thanks all for your help.
  4. To emphasize a need for a weekly list, here is an example: Bangkok Post, Friday, Dec 18, 2020, Life section published the following article: "Contests. Freestyle flying birds. ... and Pattaya Tourism Business Association, is holding the first 'Thailand Grand Flight Championship' at Pattaya's Bali Hai Pier on Dec 19 from 9am-6pm. More than 1,000 colourful birds of various species will be competing in five distances ranging from 6m to 14m... ... trophy from HRH Princess Chulabhorn ... Many booths will give special prices on their products. There is no admission fee. Visit facebook.com/welovepetsbypamornchai." Of course, I read the above on Sunday. So, I missed the event. I would have gone if I could have planned it a week in advance. Several youtube vloggers in their videos have asked each other what they were planning to present? They usually get a non-specific answer. I think they are looking for video ideas. I made the suggestion of a weekly list covering two weeks in advance to one of them. I received an immediate answer that it was in his plan for 2021. I will make the same suggestion to other vloggers. Also, to any likely web site. Feel free to offer the same suggestion to others, if you feel such a weekly list would be useful to yourself as well as others.
  5. I was buying the daily newspaper, Bangkok Post, from a tiny news stand on Soi Buckao, about 20 meters south of Soi Diana, west side of the soi. However, a few days ago, the lady vendor told me that she was getting an operation on both of her eyes on Dec 23. She did not know when she would be well enough to work again. She did not understand my question on her type of eye problem, like cataracts, macular degeneration, retinal tear, etc. Also, she said that the owner was raising the rent on her space. She doubted that she could pay the higher rent. She said that she was going to try to negotiate a lower rent. It seems that a nearby business would offer her sidewalk space in order to get the foot traffic of her customers. But, I did not get a chance to offer her this possibility. This morning, I went to Soi 13/2 (Post Office) to buy a Bangkok Post. The lady vendor said that she no longer had Bangkok Post, because it did not accept returns (that is, unsold copies). She did not have any good suggestion on where else I could buy the Bangkok Post. Any suggestion on where I can buy a Bangkok Post? From previous years, I recognized that the newspaper usually sells out before noon. So, I am hoping for another outlet near The Avenue mall. In a large city, a few 5-star hotels might have a magazine store that sells major newspapers. Months ago, I tried Avani Hotel, which did not have such an outlet nor newspaper. I am going to try Villa supermarket; a few weeks ago, it returned its magazine racks (not the free local publications). I already tried several 7-Elevens and Family Marts. Thanks in advance. Aside: To get the latest news on what Thai governments are doing about the latest 700-plus covid cases reported Dec 20, (1) youtube.com has CNA (ChannelNews Asia) reporting, (2) Pattaya News web site has an article or two with some, but not full, details on exactly what measures the Pattaya clubs are supposed to take.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation. I will take a look. As for a place with an open front and good ventilation, I am dreaming of a high-class spa. Maybe a 1,000-baht rub. A room with only one table in the middle. Not a small room with 6-7 mattresses next to each other on the floor, with a curtain in between mattresses. With last weekend's 700-plus cases of covid and government's re-impositioning of social distance measures, I think the fresh air circulation is a definite plus.
  7. My favorite massage place in Pattaya was Bamboo. Located 2nd Road, near soi 13/2, next to 7-Eleven on the corner, 2nd floor. I liked it mainly for its big pane glass windows-wall -- while enjoying a foot massage in a comfortable lounge chair. During the afternoon, the windows let in a lot of light and was relatively quiet from street noise and few customers. An air conditioner blew cool air directly on the foot massage chairs. But, it is closed, since the lockdown. I like to find a massage place with the following characteristics: -- fresh air circulating from outside to where customers are. -- 3 feet of space from other customers. -- female masseuses not 40 years old or older (I am tired of fighting off older women trying to grab my goodies). -- table with air-face hole to lie on for full-body massage (optional). -- on 2nd Road or soi Buckao, near The Avenue mall. There are many massage places in the cited area. But, I prefer not walking into each place to do my inspection. Any suggestion on a massage place that has the above characteristics? Especially the first two characteristics listed above, to meet covid social distancing. Thanks in advance.
  8. Agreed. Pattaya News has category Events. Best coverage I have seen to date. Thanks for the suggestion. Fab 103 fm on youtube tends to be very brief on public events in Pattaya. My little portable radio does not pickup the radio station. In any case, I am usually asleep until noon. Pattaya Mail, newspaper for Dec 18, 2020, page 2, has an article "Pattaya businesses want weekly events to drive Thai tourism". It mentioned some events without location, time, type of event, etc the following: -- Petanque competition, -- futsal contest, -- Muay Thai boxing events between Dec 18 and 23, -- start of the Naklua Walk & East [sp] Market on Dec 19, -- Pattaya Countdown Dec 29-31. Will have to chase around, if minimal information is needed on the above to attend. It seems to me that the local government would be issuing a list of public events in Thai. And some enterprising publisher and/or youtuber would translate such weekly events in English. Like some tv channels (eg, bbcasia.com), one click and a complete list appears. Thanks for comments made.
  9. When I registered an account, the forum directed me to go to my email address to verify. I did. I logged in and posted my query. Forum said, a moderator had to check my post before it would appear. Did not see a link to get out of moderation. Today, I logged in. Did not see a link to get of moderation. Went to my email account. Saw a 2nd email from this forum, which said that my registration was complete. Went to the 1st email and click on the verify link again. Logged into this forum. Writing this post, I see a window above, "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator." What is missing?
  10. Downloaded the Bolt app and got some prices. The economy car was THB 216 from The Avenue mall to Sattahip. My girl downloaded the app in Thai and got a price from The Avenue mall to Sattahip. It was over THB 600. Why the price difference? I am the foreigner and she is local.
  11. I just happened to see a street sign the other day. It was for rental e-bikes. Look for soi 15 that runs between Soi Buakao and The Avenue mall. About 20 meters behind 7-Eleven on Soi Buakao is a side road. The sign was on that corner. Along that small road is a construction site for a new hotel. The sign said 30 meters. So, try going pass the construction site. Renting an e-bike or two for an hour or two, may be an easy way to find out if you can ride one. Good luck. By the way, I met a guy in Tukcom who was walking his e-scooter on the 3rd floor. He said that he ordered it on a web site called falcongo, with falcon spelled for the bird. He said he paid THB 80.000 and it was powerful enough to carry him and his girl up Big Buddha Hill easily.
  12. During the Fall months, I heard/read that Pattaya government was having events scheduled for every weekend to encourage tourism. I heard/read of such events occurring, such as a beach fun run and food festival, AFTER they occurred. I guess the announcements were made in Thai and passed to English speakers by word-of-mouth. I wonder: is there a weekly list (in English) of public events? where, such as Beach Road from what soi to what soi? when, day/time? or, estimate with a caution notice. I did hear about the fireworks. But, only got specifics from a hotel ad for its tickets available for sale. Is such a list in a newspaper or online? I emailed Pattaya Mail about a weekly list. It replied, thanks. But, still not such list in its bi-weekly newspaper. I posted about the need for such a list on thaivisa.com. The board deleted my post. I did mention that its weekly list was a link to a newsletter that listed advertisers, but no events. I have not been on this forum for many years. In fact, since Pete sold FLB bar. I had to re-join this forum under a new handle. I checked several likely sub-forums. This sub-forum seems the closest to what I have been looking for. Yes, I am living in Pattaya. Due to being trapped in Thailand in late March 2020 by Thai gov's and Philippine gov's bans on foreign tourists entering and on commercial international flights. My plan to leave depends on no bans and no quarantines, and maybe no health insurance. So, what is going on here in Pattaya? I like to add a little variety to my nightly gogo visits. Thanks in advance.
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