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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hi ALL. As it says we are off to the thai country to live and work [shop]as from this week ,it was only settled today . i have emailed all the people who have prebooked before today, including BIGDUSA,who along with many others Have stayed stuanch to me and jan through thick and thin and we would like to THANK YOU ALL very much. So now you'll have to get someone esle to make you laugh,give you a beer,and who knows where they were going,and pickup your girl.etc. THANKS again paul and jan
  2. my screen was a family photo, it just went black.
  3. After all this time 2 yrs its saying not genuene the micrcosoft i now have,, download real one from microsoft,i turned off the computer and my screen saver was gone anyone had this problem,is it for real.it says active X,which i dont trust thanks cat
  4. Hi halfaboy,the thread below this [jan wants to work again]explains all, thanks paul
  5. Now 1500bt to pattaya from airport,and 1300bt to airport from pattaya,,,same service as our origanil thread. for those booked already this is your price now too. other desternations NEG......email only please,,,,,,,,,, catsmad@yahoo.co.uk thanks paul and jan
  6. Just to let all our customers already booked or looking to,that our airport to pattaya price is now 1500bt was 1600,and pattaya to airport now 1300bt.same service, as the 1st thread reads, cold beer if wanted or drinks, and pick up your girl on the way desil price has gone down and i hope stays down. thanks paul .jan
  7. The thread droped out,so i am bumping it up again,and to say HAVE A GOOD XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR,,,, thanks for the good reports on our service. paul and jan
  8. the shops i mentioned dont rent bikes and sorry to say dave dont know any that do. happy riding
  9. the S.V BIKE SHOP on the crn soi 8 theprasit in pattaya, has trek off and on road bikes,they have the catlog as well so anything can be ordered, cat I now use what the thais use its called pedros ICE WAX chain lube ,best stuff i have ever used, collects little or no sand and dirt and keeps chain clean,i have not seen it in OZ. cat
  10. THANKS everyone,a for your great comments, things are still a bit quiet in pattaya,and judgeing from our cutomers we have already ,it seems everyone is coming in nov,january and hardly anyone in december,maybe a sign of the times,. thanks again paul & jan
  11. I race the m/bikes here, and depending where u live in naklua try namchai bikes down the fish market end of sukumvit on the east side if the rd u will see old bikes out the front there is a walk overpass near a T section traffic lights.he arranges the races in the area OR S.V.bikes in thepprasit rd opp entance to go karks and bungy, on the corner,nice lady runs it with husband,both places have good quality second hand and new bikes,depending on how much u want to pay, repairs are bugger all,u mainly pay for parts and they do labor almost free, my bottom braket broke today on budda hill so i
  12. Yeah our baby michael is now 1 yr old and we have a nanny so jan wants to work more,we have been doing some old customers off and on and thanks for them sticking by us. we will still be doing as before using the 4 door hilux[still going great]things have changed in the last 12 months at the airport and they only allow pick ups past revolving door no 3 as a lot of u know. still same email add [catsmad@yahoo.co.uk]which is prefered way to contact me as we can get correct details for both parties. prices...new airport to pattaya 1600baht and return 1600,pick up includes everything including a
  13. After getting back to thailand and talking to jan ,,and seeing how she dots over michael [our baby],we have decided to put off the come back for a good while yet,she is still breast feeding,and i need more educating, its been 30 yrs since to last. so thanks to you all, and i will keep intouch, thanks paul
  14. Hi Mike. sorry for the late reply. i am going back to thailand today,been in oz for a month,jan had a C,SECTION,and has been recovering while i have been away,born 10 sept,boy,,, named him michael,named him after a brother like mate who died last year, all going well,depending how i can look after the baby,we will be starting back end of the month,i have taking a few bookings from good old customers to see how we go,i should know a week after i get home and will post a thread, when i left for oz i went down to check out arrivals ,a lot of sercuity and less hassling by the touts,still crowd
  15. Most AIA policys are life insurance and limited hospital insurance, the thais love it.cause its like saving for old age ..jans whole family are in it . [life and hospital\ except for bbk pattaya, and the internatioal soi4, we get 100% back when we go to satahip, the other 2 put too many extras on u do'nt need and the aia do'nt cover it,ithis happened to me the first time my daughter went to bkk patttaya.bill 28,000 for 3/4 days for gastro , they kept her in longer for the money she was running around after 24hrs,they bullshit to u.at the time i did'nt know any better at the time. got back 18
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