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  1. Try the Lek Hotel. They have a back entrance away from the buffet and front desk. Matter of fact, the toilet is virtually a few feet from the entrance. Should be no problem sneaking in and out.
  2. Nothing worng with subway! it's the other stuff I don't eat with the exception of maybe Pizza hut. MacDonalds is over rated, sizzler is to pricey, KFC has decent wings, and Screw the other 2 places.
  3. mind the spicyness seeing how this is your 1st visit. wreaks havok on my digestive system. nothing a little amoodium ad and pepto can't fix. That or the local equievalant.
  4. Damn it! I thought they were "normal" looking.....oh wait this is thailand. Nevermind
  5. You might want to re-word the whole salary part. as of january 2009, they only get paid half of minimum wage. me working as a cook i get a SALARY of 11 an hour. As far as tipping goes, depends on service and mood. If I am starving and the delivery gets here fast enough, i tip heavy. Say about 25%. At a bar, my normal rule of thumb is either a dollar a drink or half what the drink costs...depending of course I am not paying happy hour prices. A friendly smile and polite conversation as well as taking care of me in a restaraunt, about 20% tip. I have made many friends with bartenders here and th
  6. Early is good! That way you can stop off and have a couple of drinks before take off.
  7. Just occured to me that I am headed back and there was this "brazilian" bbq place that was right outside of central festival, beach side. Hopefully it is still there. I hear they served a really good brazilian style bbq and the mojitos arent to bad either. Can't seem to remember if I had previously brought it up or not. Thanks gents!
  8. better to get tequila from duty free and enjoy. speaking of which....need to grab a bottle or two b4 arriving.
  9. i usually have a few drinks until i pass out otherwise i am trying to fall asleep for more than an hour at a time
  10. the salad bar is about the only thing i order there. Good food though from what i hear.
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