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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. (For those who don’t know, Car SOS is a Brit TV series in which classic cars are restored to their former glory by a failed drummer and an irritating homosexual.) Last thing Pattaya needs is more failed musicians and puffters...
  2. do not think so, Russians are just bloody minded... Bloody minded to park like that and bloody minded enough to take actions like that..
  3. If they can run them in Manchester, then they should work fine in Pattaya, but there again Manchester has no Bhat Bus Mafia to put a spanner or two in the works...
  4. IS claim responsibility for a 250kg explosive device that caused major disruption to Birmingham, England, closing roads, motorways and railway lines for two days this week. The German WWII type SC250 bomb was eventually made safe by army bomb disposal experts. https://youtu.be/R4L0oMbHv-U
  5. Basil B


    Yes, they can be a pain in the bum...
  6. But what about the Scott's, Welsh and Irish???
  7. 20KB a month, I think they must be thinking of octogenarians who have no lead left in their pencils...
  8. Pity they did not leave him on the zip line... who was the fool who got him down.
  9. In Germany they also have many "Jerry Hat Trick Doktors".
  10. I think there are a lot of computer owners who would kill Bill Gates given the opportunity...
  11. I think just shooting off their dicks is good Darwinism...
  12. They were also checking for under age workers. Anyone could have told them there has not been any under 30 for years
  13. should have heard by now... As already pointed out if a rejection, a letter should state why, as this is a second visit did she stay longer than she said in her application for a visa? or contradict any information provided in her first application?
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