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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Would be nice if they could clean up pattaya beach but really you have great beaches just a ferry ride away and stunning beaches a speedboat away. I went to Koh Phai maybe 14 months ago and it was nice but could use some cleaning up - what was annoying is they have the navy stationed there saw maybe 6-8 guys sitting under tarps doing absolutely nothing they laid there before we arrived - during and after only one came over and that was to collect a fee for using the beach. maybe they should get the chain gang cleaning up the place in the early morning before the tourists come out.
  2. @ PAPS think a russin dove on the parking side a couple months ago and you just posted the one from yesterday I think. kinda a dick move to do it so public good chance of landing on someone but I guess at that point they don't care, Anyways great pics thanks
  3. There's a decent place on soi Diana just near the entrance to lk metro, there's also a live band in there at night, it's pretty good for pattaya. Can't stand Pizza hut here but love it back home. Wanted to try new York pizza in feb but it looked closed down or they moved ( on 3rd road near buffalo bar) Pizza pizza is also pretty good at the avenue.
  4. a thug that almost burst into tears because the thai girls give him one word answers??? ok there tough guy, but just a heads up don't worry about the guy in front of you it's the seven that gathered behind you that you should worry about. Have fun
  5. besides the point I know but a simple whole foods diet will cure all that no problem but I guess most would prefer to pop a pill then eat spinach. I live in Canada and always found the prices in los way cheaper ( and I heat mexico is dirt cheap )
  6. so whats the deal with that? I use the guns when i'm in LOS but always use TP to dry myself after, is everyone else walking around with a wet ass ?
  7. well it's nice to see my Canadian $ making it back but still a long hike to 30 WTF is the green back doing better than mine we've been neck and neck so long. oh well hopefully this trend continues
  8. on my second trip back in 2011 when departing Thailand with Thai airways my checked bag was over the limit for bizz class I wanna say max was 75lbs? no big deal I did have another bag to shuffle some things, but I asked if I could pay a fine or fee and let it threw but was told that it has nothng to due with weighing down the plane or anything like that it's just simply for the baggage carriers to avoid injury lifting bags that weigh to much. As far as carryon never been weighed never been asked, I knew size could be an issue but ...........
  9. 1) Cherry Bar Ban Chang crawl If applicable ( soi Diana ) 2) Devils Den - service guaranteed ( LK metro area) 3) walking st gogo's ( I like baccara for hot girls and Windmill for hands on experience ) maybe 4 find a nice soapy
  10. I'm booked in for my trip in July, will give a detailed report then.
  11. yup seen her there since 2010 she is getting bigger, everytime i walk by i want to shake my head she should be at home and asleep but then having to remined myself TIT and everyone needs to chip in to support the family i guess it's no worse then seeing all those st kids on beach rd.
  12. I'll beleave it when they start selling tickets. would be cool tho however track temps could get little crazy
  13. I'm due in July and I fly cathay which is toronto - HK so i think the route is in that area. The way I look at it I have a better chance of getting killed on a MBT then the flight if north Korea wants to shoot down a commercial airliner then the next day I think NK will be a waste land. I wouldn't worry about it at all, then again the red shirts didn't bother me either mai pen rai
  14. I enjoyed last years the traffic sucked but still fun and even more good eats
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