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  1. No, I can't force any one to spend their money the way I see fit, but they can't stop me from calling them an idiot for the way they do either. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  2. If you don't like baht buses and the bullshit they pull, learn how to ride a motobike and rent one. Same as riding a bicycle to me. I get around town stress free and at my own leisure. One of the few times I had to use a baht bus last trip was when I took a TG and her niece to the movies. Afterwards, she had to drop her niece off back the family's shop and it was getting late like around midnight. Well this girl is notorious for taking a long fucking time every time she leaves me and says is coming back. To the point I get pissed off but dammit I do enjoy fucking her. Wanted to protect my
  3. Ahhh, the birthplace of my car! Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  4. I go to MK every trip, sometimes several times. Duck is their signature dish. Also the garlic and green noodles are pretty good.
  5. I dropped in here and looked around before and I would have taken a room had they had one available for my entire stay. I would have had to move out 2 days before departure. Anyways this place IMO is a hidden good value for the money hotel. The location being off the beaten path doesn't bother me as I ride a moto everywhere. Its quite popular for long stays as I remember a lot of rooms were booked up by those staying 6 months or a year.
  6. I'm seeing an Elite Member section from Tapatalk. Does something really exist or is it on a need to know basis?
  7. The rates don't even seem like a good deal. Room are tiny as well. 26sq m?
  8. A group of us took a break from a Soi 6 crawl last March, and we all sat down and ordered off the menu not knowing the Sunday roast was on. I didn't notice until I had already ordered and smelled something great from 10ft away and have been thinking about that roast this whole past year. I am coming back in April to have some of that Sunday Roast. One of my few must do's for the trip.
  9. Good to hear about the discos not being so sausagefest. When I was in town last March it was a sausagefest everywhere. It was difficult to even find good looking girls that were available, then you don't even know if they'd be interested in you. I actually got rejected a few times which really surprised me. I'll be in town late April and I plan to put my game to the test again.
  10. I've heard some banks close out your account if its been inactive for a long period of time. Is that true? If it gets closed out after a yr of inactivity then a Thai account won't do me any good.
  11. Babydolls is one of my favorite gogos, and I'm surprised the staff would do that, although they are notorious for being VERY pushy for drinks. I'd have done the same thing, she should not have gotten herself a drink without permission.
  12. Good for you. Just keep your head on your shoulders and don't fall for any scams. Its always nice to hang out with other guys especially during the daytime when there's nothing to do. Join some bar crawls or put up a post to see if any board members are in town to meet up with. I was hooked on Pattaya after my first trip also.
  13. Just so you know, if you started a donation request, I'd much rather donate to this site than Addicts.
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