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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I will beat you by 1 day. I will be there in 20 days
  2. I agree on this one. The music in some bars is so loud you can not even start a conversation with someone. Some bars in soi 8 try to outvolume the next bar and that's why i seldom visit soi 8 anymore. Better to use one soundsystem and play the same songs for every bar over there. Then there is no need to play it on ridicolous volume.
  3. toom39@msn.com Give hime the flight details and he will respond to you in 24 hours. Something like: "My dear boss, thanks for...."
  4. Only did go their a couple of times to eat. They got some really good Belgian styled food.
  5. In June 2005 i made reservations for november 2005 for a 2 week stay. 3 weeks prior to my vacation i send him a reminder and asked him to confirm the former reservation. They sent back a email in which they told me: "I am sorry to inform you that we have double booked you with someone else. For the time you request we are fully booked. I hope you enjoy your stay in Pattaya anyway" I returned a email and said to him that i was clearly the first to reservate (June 2005), so why doesn't the other person have to bail out? No f##king returnmail anymore from those A##hol
  6. It's about a 5 min walk to soi LK Metro There's a 7/11 on the corner with Soi Diana. There are some quality (cheap) restaurants in that area. Baht buses drive by frequently in both directions. Only late in the evening/nite you have to wait about 5 minutes or so
  7. Have stayed there myself in march also. The OP is absolutely correct in all his comments. Dennis and his wonderful staff know how to run the place. Will stay there in october once more (booked already) and probably again in march next year. Roomrates have risen (200 baht), but its still a good deal. One thing for Dennis: Isn't it time you give your website an update ??
  8. As many of us i travel with a travelinsurance that will cover the hospital costs. Above that i have my normal health insurance that will cover the costs (happened to me twice). Don't need to have a triple insurance cover. But then again It's all "up to you"
  9. It's not all about the lack of coochy but more like i want to be in my hotelroom as quickly as posible. Go for a SSS after a long and exhausting flight. Mr. Toom's drivers are very good, they drive safe, stop for beer and 1200 baht is a nice price. Even if i had money enough (as you put it) i would still use Mr. Toom,s service. 600 baht difference is 6 LD's i can by for the girls.
  10. Stayed at Metro apartments for 18 days. I must say Dennis and his lovely staff really made us feel at home at their place. The rooms were very nice and very clean. I will definately stay there again in October. The only negative thing that i can think off was the construction work going on next door. But that is something that is out of control of Metro apartments. C u again Dennis Pollo & Owe
  11. Bullshit You are just advertising your bar trying to get as many customers as you can. your original post is pathetic
  12. As soon as i had my morning shag she is allowed to leave Last trip 1 girl woke me up in the middle of the night and told me she could not sleep because of me snoring. Ok, you can leave , i pay you ST. 1 girl used the excuse "my fliend no have key for loom". Ok, you can leave, i pay you ST. When girls want to hang around too long for my liking, i make some excuse that i have to go internet or meet friend or something. They usually get the hint. Just make sure who is in charge an who is paying the baht.
  13. The Inn house hotel DOES HAVE a pool, but it is a small one. The reason i don't stay in this hotel is because of noise pollution (very thin walls and doors)
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