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Which is the best bar? Where are all the stunners?

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FLB of course :nod


No but seriously, this question is a real newbie thing and generally means the asker has not been to Pattaya.


The first thing a newbie has to get to grips with is that there are literally thousands of bars in Pattaya.


Some guys think they need to know the secret location where the "naughty bars" are hidden away from prying eyes. Wake up guys, in Pattaya it's all out in the open and unless you are deaf, dumb and blind, it's gonna hit you in the face wherever in Pattaya you happen to be.


The bar girl population is estimated to be 15,000 to 20,000. How the heck could anyone know where the best looking ones are. If you started in North Pattaya and worked south, having one drink in each bar and sizeing up the talent for just 20 minutes, and you worked at this eight hours a day, you would reach the last bar in Jomtien 125 days later. Presuming you could remember which of the 3,000 bars you visited had the best girls, you would still be wrong because after 120 days 30% of the staff in most bars would have changed.


The nature of bars is that girls go out on barfines. You may walk into a bar one night and see that it is full of stunners. When you return the next day the stunners are all gone - out on barfines.


A large part of the fun of Pattaya is trolling the bars looking for that special lady. No one else can tell you where she is, you have to find her yourself. The only thing I can say for sure is that she is out there somewhere . . . . . happy hunting.


Oh and yes, all the stunners are at the best bar in Pattaya, FLB Bar :3some

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