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Are messages private on Pattayatalk? Yes!

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The question about privacy of the Messenger function of a particular forum came up recently (Live was the forum, but the Secrets board also admits it does it) and the admin said all Pattaya forums have installed the modification to enable certain classes of member (admin, moderators, I suppose) to read these messages when they are not directed to them.


We at Pattayatalk value your privacy, and we aren't really interested in what you have to say to each other, but mostly we value ethical behavior by the board administration and moderators.


I consider this modification to be a breach of trust between the membership and the forum leadership, and will never install such a modification on this forum. If you choose to post on a forum that doesn't value your right to privacy, that's your call, but you have no need to worry about that here.


To all the other forum admins who come up with excuses why they installed the software to read your private messages, I say, you do it your way and I'll do it mine, but don't lump me in with your lack of ethics.

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