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  1. Flying out of qatar next week. will check. have a burgundy card only . gold cards get additional discount. anything in particular you wish me to look up...
  2. Dear Farman. The airline is ok by western standards in my humble opinion. But do check the connections on your return leg. had a 20 hr stopover in colombo on the way back froom bkk to doha But fantastic hotel was provided with great meals all included. Wish you luck. Safe flying kind Sir.
  3. Hi LVP, Cant Make it to the Dance Competion , but be sure to visit on my next tour in May . All the Best Rogue
  4. will be there on the 17th of August. Hey Batisuta - hope to meet a fellow indian in patts
  5. Hey Blueeyes, Will try and get you the toothpicks . is there a second choice if I dont find the particular brand ? And mate I am coming in August , so can you survive that long without them. Better yet If i get them in this week . let me courier it to you . PM me your email id if you would want it done this way. As always thanks for the pictures A fan, Rogue
  6. Hey Blueeyes, great pics. where is the mini golf situated ? Thank you for all your pictures. I need to buy you a couple of drinks in August. You pic the bar.. Rogue
  7. Hey Blueeyes, Thnaks for all your threads , I really do enjoy them. If your ever in the vicinity of soi 3 , do you think you can get some location photographs in and around the sunshine vista hotel . I am booking the Family suite in the hotel and just am so curious about what the hotel actually looked like. Hey no obligation , only if you have the time Thanks again for the beautiful images. Keep it coming Rogue.
  8. Hi Batistuta, Have been to pattaya in August 2005 and intend to have a repeat performance in August 2006. I am an Indian employed in the Arab World. I must stress that I had never encountered even a signle negative response when i intended to patronise gogo's in pattaya. Enjoy your trip Rogue
  9. Thank you all for the replies. Appreciate it. themook :- Just a silly question , why will the bvp be so quiet ? Dotcom_OD :- Your right about the tipping, guess the service staff might go the extra mile for a small tip Hall :- How was your stay at the sunshine vista ? Stinger_sd :- If i need to get a baht Bus to walking street , I guess i have to get out from the soi to the beach road ? Hanylek :- if you dont mind , other than the two hotels mentioned , which would your fav hotel be ? Sadherbert :- Heard that other than the regular American Fare , the bvp also has some thai food for breakfast. Regards, Rogue.
  10. Need to thank a few guys who have been a great help in helping me decide where to stay for a week in August. 1. zaphodbeeblebrox 2. Cybers1b Now the Big Question.. Bella Villa Prima ( Prima Suite ) or the two bedroom suite at Sunshine Vista ?? Price quoted to me was almost simmilar in both places , except BVP is a bit cheaper with breakfast thown in as well. Any comments on the quality of the suites would be much appreciated. Regards, Rogue
  11. Hi zaphodbeeblebrox, Well there are three guys and we send an enquiry for one Suite and one standard room. I have send an email again asking them to clarify their position on the guest issue. No extra bed. Thanks for the Info.
  12. I send an enquiry for a week in Agust for the suite . It was Bht 2800/- per day but what suprised me was they wanted to charge me Bht 300/- for a guest. Any Ideas how to get out of the Bht 300/- situation ??
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