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  1. Wont they already know from my airline ticket that the ticket says 12 weeks? I want to stay within the rules for visas
  2. Thanks Nightrider, i will be getting a single entry 60 day tourist visa this time and extending for a further 30 days, only had Entry stamps before for 30 days but only used 28 days/4weeks to stay within the entry stamp, maybe this is why i had 28 in my head??? Its ok to book 12 weeks and put length of stay as 12 weeks on the tourist visa application form?
  3. Always hold me hands up and admit it if i fk up mate
  4. Hey Thaidave, i was wrong on the Entry Stamp too, 30 day, fk knows why i had 28 in me head, must have been having one of those days.
  5. Thanks mate, i`ll take a look at the rooms, i notice your website has been updated from the last time i looked, does look better.
  6. Thanks for all the info Thaidave, as i said i hope you dont think i was having a go at you or anything, i was just trying to work it all out and its nice to see someone with a more realistic high season. what rooms do you have available from thursday the 12th december for 30 nights? im still looking into rooms and your place is on the list
  7. Hope you dont take it as me having a go at ya thaidave cos im not, my mistake on your 30 day being a month (say 6th one month to 6th next month), just i have always worked with 28days as a month when booking hotels in thailand...my mistake on your pricing so sorry about that. I noticed one place on LK metro that has gone for 8 months of high season - 15th september to 14th May. I am coming to thailand on a tourist visa this time so may take your 30 day thing, i have only had 1 month(28day) entry stamps before and always had a one month discount at places so your 30 day threw me. So i
  8. I have never paid water and electricity in a guest house, i have in a condo and i understand some people leave the A/C on when not in room which is a waste and an added cost to you and people who do this aint being fair to you. So room 5a in high season is a daily of 600 baht...@ 28 days is 16800 baht but your giving 300baht discount on a month stay which is 16500baht...or 11baht a day discount off the 600baht a day so with electric and water for a month its 17000/17200 how much is the water per month? it works out cheaper to pay 600 a day with "all included water and electric" than it
  9. Hi Thaidave, on your site it says there is also a charge of 7baht per unit of electricity and 250 baht for water with meters outside rooms, how much on average is the electricity and water bill on top of the rates of 500baht and 600baht rooms. I haven`t had to pay water and electric in any guest house i have stayed at before. whats the day rate with water and electric? Im asking because im looking for a room for one month or maybe more from the 12th december
  10. Same room i stayed in, i agree about the view over the soi, some fine sights My friend had the room directly below...room 6, same kind of room with same balcony at the front overlooking the soi
  11. I just got back from a 1 month stay om Soi LK Metro, stayed at http://www.metro-apartments-pattaya.com/ , had a great time 8th trip, i had the large room on the 3rd floor/top floor facing Soi Lk, my friend had the room below, also large room facing the Soi. The room`s were spotless clean, Safe in room, Aircon worked a treat, i didnt have the aircon on all the time, i would fall back on the ceiling fan when the room had cooled. Had the usual cable tv which had some alright movies, the WI-FI worked well in room. Had a large balcony which was nice to sit out and have a smoke on and relax w
  12. I was in soi Lk metro and could see it, was a tiny bit of cloud about
  13. Have a good trip mate, me and my friend fly out friday morning from manchester, if it came down to it i think i would do what you have done with regards jumping airports, when you got to go, you got to go
  14. Just seen on BBC news that the eruption has stoppped and flights from the uk are returning to normal
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