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  1. ok, funny story here. 

    So... I got a notice about 12 hours ago that my SSL for ptalk was going to expire "in 1 day". 

    I immediately posted that last post... thinking to myself "damn, if I had done x when I set this server up, this damn  SSL would be handled automatically when needed". So I thought... fuck it, lets do this one manual-like and then fix the problem going forward. That way I don't stupidly let it expire before remembering to renew it hurriedly after a really wonderful mod sends you a SMS while your sleeping. 

    Ill just leave it at that and file it under "DOH!"... and go back to sleep. ?

  2. Hi guys,

    So... taking control of this site and the associated server was quite the learning experience, as many of you remember. I know much more about how it all works and more importantly what it needs to do that work than I did when I first set this server up. 

    The result of that is that the server itself - the hardware and core operating system - are not very well optimized for running this forum software. 

    On top of that, there is a pretty large update available for the forums that I need to upload. 

    So... I have decided to try to upgrade the hardware at the same time. The bad part of that is there may well be as much as a hour of downtime when I do the move. There will not be any DNS issues since it will still have the same IP address, but with new hardware and new OS come new potential problems to solve, so... we will see. I will update this post when I start the process, and when its done. 

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  3. 17 minutes ago, garytheanimal said:

    Just had a quick look and they're about £200 more than what we normally pay. It actually wouldn't bother me that much to get comfort, but the guy I travel with is a tight ass, lol. Thank you anyway, I'd never heard of Eva Air

    Your account is now active. Welcome to the (unmoderated) forums ?

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  4. 19 minutes ago, garytheanimal said:

    Hoping that the will we won’t we with Brexit is over by next May when I go back. The first time I went it was 75 to the pound ?

    Brexit is likely to make that worse, not better. At least initially. 

    And when you get a chance, please follow the instructions for activating your account... that will remove your posting restrictions and remove you from moderation. ?

  5. I got a notification yesterday that our SSL certificate was expiring... and totally forgot about it last night when I was online and doing that kind of thing. So it expired and we had a hour or 3 of warnings being thrown to people who visited the site. Sorry about that! 

    Will try to make sure that does not happen in future! Only takes me about 10 minutes to update the cert - I just totally spaced it. Getting old sucks. lol. 

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  6. 8 minutes ago, Gottsy said:

    Old timer here. Been going to Thailand for donkeys years and was married to a Thai for over 40 years. Sadly she died 2 years back. Thats life (or death) Her body was donated to Southampton University Hospital for the students etc. She always wanted that, to help others learn about being a doctor etc.

    Ive known Thailand and Pattaya since it was pretty much a swamp (Looks like its reverted back). I've been back to Thailand, mainly Bangkok in the last few years and last October went to Pattaya for a few days. That was a shock.

    I'll post later

    Welcome to the forum. 

    I have approved your account, and removed the moderation restriction. You can post and view level 1 content at your leisure now. 

    If you are in town on Wednesday, consider joining us on the barcrawl starting at 8pm at LePub - introduce yourself and get access to more content on the forums. ?



  7. 1 hour ago, js007 said:

    I was having trouble earlier today and yesterday logging on.  But just a minute ago, it worked.  Maybe the site goes down for maintenance once in a while?

    No, not unless I do it manually, which I did not this time. I did find the problem however. One of my host servers - the one that hosts my generic web server that does the redirection for pattayatalk.com, was paused because it was low on disk space... one of the backup routines got way out of hand lol. Its now fixed... and cheers for making me go look. It might have been a week before I checked it as there is nothing else critical running on that server lol. 

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  8. Ok, well that was a fast failure lol. 
    Apparently I need to set up a new FTP account on the server specifically for these updates. I am going to do that today or tonight and proceed with the update as soon as its done. Will update here when I click the button. 
    Still working on this... the permissions are wrong for it to work in a automated process. Will get it working eventually lol.

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