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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Report from Skytrax.com GARUDA CANCELLING EUROPEAN FLIGHTS 20 November 2002 Source: Reuters Garuda Indonesia will suspend all flights to Europe from January because of lower demand since last month's nightclub bombing on its resort island of Bali, AFP reported. The carrier, which flies to three European destinations, will halt flights between Bali and London from January 5 until March 29. It will also cancel flights to Amsterdam from Jakarta between January 22 and February 20. The carrier earlier cancelled flights to F
  2. Try http://www.airline-warehouse.co.uk/ Good luck
  3. Hi Jimmy. try this site I got my free download yesterday seems quite good.http://www.free.surfer.tc/mail Dave
  4. If all else fails try Pattayrentaroom.com they have smalll rooms .even if you book anywhere in Pattaya over Christmas there is no sure thing that your room is available (baht talks )
  5. Never mind the bed's what about the bloody long walk back from the nightlife half/fully pissed 8)
  6. Take a look at www.pattayarentaroom.com
  7. Dave


    What's going on,since our saviour Pattaya Pete decided to take a well earned holiday away from His hectic life in Pattaya,nearly all the postings have stopped ( Yes I know I have only 5 at the most,but I lead a dull life back in the UK ) I think Pete put a block on all postings only allowing 1 in 20 to get through.untill He gets back. ps please dont knock me down to 1 star ???. Dave
  8. Hi Blackpool Dave. Regarding transportation,I stayed in Jomtien last July Baht bus to central road from Jomtien beach corner 20 Baht each . return trip anything from 20 / 40 depending on time,if you are with TG less 50 %.travel time 10 min. unless He go's round every soi in Pattaya as is quite normal. all the best Dave ;D :'(
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