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  1. I always tend to book as soon as the online site's put there dates up 330 days in advance is the norm,lost out one year thought I will hang on see if the flights come down in price a little.cost me another £150 inc connecting flights. :'( :'( :'(
  2. It is illegal to bring meat, fish, cheese, honey and other animal products into the UK from many countries outside the EU. this includes all procest foods ?just the normal little things we take home ie fish sauce .chilli sauce six bottles could not make her mind up ! it's only me who has to carry the dam bags through customs going clink clonk rattle rattle,oh nearly forgot the 2 x 10 kg Thai rice. ??? ??? ???
  3. I just rely on the free travel insurance that comes with using certain Banks and credit cards,the Bank I use covers me for the following free cancellation £3000 Curtailment £3000 Missed Departure £300 Death £15000 Loose a Limb £25000 Medical £5000,000 Personel LIABILTY £2000,000 The list continues so I don't see the point in paying if you can get a good Insurance for free, they try and screw us anyway for claims. ;D
  4. If you joined online as I did about 6 months ago they gave 1000 miles as a free starter. Dave
  5. I agree with Crackpot,we always used to take our two daughters to Pattaya with no problem,now they have grown up and don't like to go on holiday with Mum & Dad (thank fuck ) :-* :-*
  6. I checked out EVA evergreen for Dec,anything after and including 4th Dec is £1160,so it's back to ECON for Christmas. :'( :'( :'( still there's always my July Flight to look forward to ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Dave
  7. Just checked my tickets they state V class phoned the travel agent and they confirm that this is Evergreen deluxe. So echster your class codes dont seem correct. Is there a web site which gives all the booking codes for all the airlines. Dave :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/
  8. Do any of you eva members have any idea what the following two booking codes are which I recieved in the evergreen club news letter. Mileage program revisions Effective from Nov. 1, 2003 (travel date), passengers who are issued tickets with R and H booking class codes will not be eligible to earn miles and cannot secure a free upgrade in advance. Dave :-[
  9. Try standing on the seat ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  10. Dear bert ! or should I call you Mr Postlethwaite. Take no notice of the last two posts ( stars & stripes ) some people just can't understand propa said English . :D :D . TA TA for now
  11. . Foreigners engage in frenzy of profit-taking… Thailand is experiencing heavy outflows of capital as foreign investors sell off shares on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). In the period from late August to the first week of September, the profit-taking was worth some 3.25 billion baht, analysts said 08-Sep-2003 - Source: Business Day
  12. The orange bar on Soi vc is owned by a Brit called Kevin,have been there a few times on my way back to Yensabai Condo,and by the end of the night he's more pissed than the customers never much trade even in high season.I think that he makes his money by letting his rooms short time to the Arabs, (no shortage in the area ) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  13. Have any of you regular travellers ever booked your flights through Ebookers.com.( ie are they any bloody good ) ::) :). Here's looking forward to all your comments. Dave
  14. Hi Gabor.I looked at a few 1 bedroom apartments in VT 2 most were basically furnished at 1.990.000,I wanted a low floor 2nd (can't stand waiting for lift ) also noticed the balcony handrails are rather low, after a night on the town all too easy to topple over,there is a chap called Bob you can contact him at the SCR ofice at VT 2 his hobby is to buy the apartment shells and renovate them. mine came with large deluxe Euro kitchen fully fitted with everything you can think of.+leather suite 60,000 baht+ 2 28 inch TV .2 DVD.1 HI FI + 2 leather recliner chairs in the bedroom.selected floor til
  15. I have been looking at buying a condo for the last two years,but every time I decide "yes" doubts in the back of my mind said "no" "no" "no",but two weeks ago realizing that condo prices are slowly increasing I finally took the plunge and bought a one bedroom apartment in the new View Talay 2. I used SCR Homefinders to do all the leg work, and had the title deeds within 48 hours,would have been sooner but the Bank Holiday caused a backlog at the land office. So I would like to say HELLO to any neighbors at V T 2 who are FLB members. Dave ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  16. Dave


    I flew KLM Amsterdam - Bangkok this July, delayed 40 min going out and same on the return this I don't mind. The seats were pretty crap on the outward flight and even worse on the return ( older plane ),meals no choice, eat what you are given or starve.Drinks "ie" the alcoholic type very scarce. Marks out of 10- 3 > ??? :-X
  17. Sorry Rick69 it seems that most people have a different opinion to you? Fags gays bisexual transvestites hookers in my way of thinking that’s Pattaya wherever you stay. I’ve stayed at Yensabai twice and I am back there in July. Dave 8)
  18. Dave


    Sorry Magnus the last time I was in soi 8 January this year, the Kebab Lady across the Soi from Flipper Lodge was no longer there neither was the building she traded from.it was demolished for a new Hotel which never got built,usual change of plans,anyway more bars in it's place, Dave > ??? :-/ :'(
  19. I collected extra TM forms on my last trip at Christmas hoping to use them this July,only because by the time they decide to hand them out I cant see the print looks like one large blur ( could be the booze ) are the serial numbers on the TM 6 ever queried,ie two or three months out of date. :'( Dave
  20. Stayed at the Regent nice hotel, Taxi needed Cha-am 15 min ride, Hua-Hin 20 min ride. a few bars outside the Hotel but apart from that it's very very quiet. Dave
  21. What's the fastest and the slowest,from the time of booking your flight to receiving your tickets and who did you book with. airline warehouse Booked for Christmas on 13th Feb received tickets 21st Feb. ( now where did I put those fucking tickets ) > :-/ :'(
  22. Hi Ranger. LHR to BKK flying Thai £633
  23. It's never to early to book,I just received my tickets for July from http://www.airline-warehouse.co.uk great service, if you e:mail or phone ask for Nina nice girl. by the way just booked my December/January flight's. 8) Can't wait. Dave
  24. Hi Denverwill try there website http://www.mamaisonhotel.com/
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