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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Imagine someone renting out their lovely furnished property, and it gets completely trashed, The tenants do a runner, and the devastated owners only have a few thousand Baht deposit to try and restore the property to it’s former state. There are properties where a small deposit is required because they are usually very basic, I have always said you only get what you pay for, Fair Properties are acting on behalf of the owner, would you be prepared to rent out your property for a measly few thousand baht deposit ( that’s if you have one) I know that I would not, no f****** chance
  2. If you are going to do a lot of shopping in Index ,obtain one of their discount cards first
  3. click on this link and you will find out its not recomended http://www.thaiconsul-uk.com/pdfs/Aj%20%20...ht%20Ticket.pdf
  4. It’s the same old saying, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.
  5. Info required please, I have two midi hi-fi’s and both now either refuse to play a second cd or stop half way through the first or second cd. I have tried cleaning the discs and the optical lenses Can anyone recommend a repair shop in pattaya . Or should I just bin them
  6. Emirates out of Glasgow booked last week 480 pounds inc tax.Plus flight times are good Your one and a half hours for stopover is a little too tight , I did it once and the flight leaving EDI was late, it was a mad dash at Amsterdam. I made it but the luggage never.
  7. I just renewed mine with Thai Health . 57 years of age, 39000 baht or in UK terms 557 pounds sterling
  8. Dave

    Condo for sale

    I read with great amusement some of your replies. Any property is only worth what anyone is prepared to pay for it to get it. Exsample, I recently sold my house in the UK, two prospective buyers loved the house, so the final buyer was prepared to pay just over 65,000 pounds sterling over the asking price. It’s the same over here, some condo’s are great and a lot are total shit. You get what you pay for. pay a little and get a load of crap. A lot of people over here even refuse to pay the 20 baht for a deck on the beach.
  9. Own this Jomtien condo in your own name Condo for sale, View Talay 2 B,2nd floor, double unit 82 sq ,Jomtien side. Quality furniture .beautiful décor, for picture slide show click the link at the bottom. Tel 038252575 mobile 012529356 http://photos.wanadoo.co.uk/album/2987486
  10. taken from Yhai visa forum Public Health Ministry plans to remove alcoholic beverage from retail display shelves BANGKOK: -- Buoyed by its success in removing cigarettes from sight in shop windows and shelves, the Ministry of Public Health has set itself a new mission to do the same for alcoholic beverages. Dr. Narong Sahamethapat, deputy director-general of the ministry's Disease Control Department announced that the department, following the successful campaign on cigarette visibility, will now focus on completing the drafting--and then enforcing--laws to clear alcoholic drinks o
  11. You might as well ask when the new airport will be finished??????????????????????????????????????????????????
  12. I agree with you,I used him twice no problem and the drivers know where there they are taking you to in Pattaya. Dave
  13. This is a question for all you who stay long term. I will have to do a visa run 2nd week in Feb,I need info of good visa run shops in Pattaya,ie aircon coach,good staff who take you through the process,at a good Price. Thanks Dave
  14. Can anyone tell me if the kasikorn Bank in the Big C as a printing machine to update my Bank book,or do I have to use the main office down past Naklua. Dave
  15. Just carry a fold up umbrella,i usually loose at least two during july/August. Cheers Dave
  16. It's every persons nightmare,sat waiting at the departure gate looking at every person you dont want to sit next to you,and there is always one that sticks out in the crowd,on my last flight back home there he was six foot six 20 stone never washed in days carrying a backpack that looked like it had been dragged through a pig sty. when He sat down six seats either side became vacant,just one thought in my mind ! please God dont let him sit next to me on the plane. I boarded the aircraft, sat and waited, or should i say prayed that every good looking femail was going to sit next to me.
  17. I always book as soon as the flights are on the internet,usually 300 to 310 days in advance. Dave
  18. stevemcm ! regarding your quote,I booked Evergreen LHR-BKK on a Thursday ( July ) seats 22 A & C and thats at the front . they use 3 types of seating configuration (386 seats) (272 seats combi ) (342 seats ). What a job typing this with the keyboard playing up
  19. Hi Gabor try this E-Mail: mark@loxinfo.co.th When I was over in January He had 36 units in A BLOCK Or You can go to His web site http://www.dmatch.com/ Tell him Dave from B BLOCK recommended him ($ £ )
  20. Sex kills Brits in Thailand NEARLY 150 Brits died on holiday in Thailand last year — mainly because of booze and sex. The most common causes of death were motorbike and car crashes, usually after tourists drank too much. But many holidaymakers were also found dead in bed after sex sessions with Thai girls. Barrie Kenyon, British consul in the “sex resort” of Pattaya, said: “We have had a number of people just die in bed. “Viagra is widely available and in conjunction with alcohol and sex it can be fatal.” The 148 British deaths, a 50 per cent rise on 2002, also inclu
  21. All depends if it's a leap year :) :) ;) :D
  22. Price Departing Destination Airline GBP 467.70 inc Tax LONDON AREA BANGKOK Royal Jordanian Departing Destination Date Depart Arrive Class Flight No. Book London Heathrow Amman 09 Aug 17:05 23:59 Economy Royal Jordanian RJ 112 Bangkok 10 Aug 02:30 15:15 Economy Royal Jordanian RJ 182 Returning Destination Date Depart Arrive Class Flight No. Book Bangkok Amman 20 Aug 23:15 03:55 +1 Economy Royal Jordanian RJ 183 London Heathrow 21 Aug 12:15 15:45 Economy Royal Jordanian RJ 111 GBP 467.70 per Adult inc Tax http://www.airline-warehou
  23. Bupa blue cross 7/6-7 Moo 6 Sukhumvit Road T.Naklue A.Banglamung Chonburi 20120 Contact Khun Kamolthat Soonthornsarathool E-mail : Pattaya@bluecross.co.th Tel: 0-3837-0880-3 Fax: 0-3837-0855
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