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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I no longer have need for this computer and desire to sell it before leaving Pattaya next week. I have attached a website that reviews the computer and puts a price tag of $750 on it. With tax, we paid closer to $1,000 for it about a year and half ago. http://archive.laptopmag.com/Review/Toshib...-M115-S3094.htm For some reason, this site will not open from this link. Please put in the computer type in a search and read the responses. I am going to also list how the computer is configurated: Toshiba Satellite M115-S3094 Operating System: Windows XP Professional Total Phisical Memory 1,536,000 MB DDR (max 4 GB) Processor: Intel Core Duo T2050 1.6 GHZ Hard Drive: 80 GB Serial ATA Hard Drive Display: 14.1 in Weight: 5.3 lbs Drives: DVD+-RW,DVD-RAM Supported Flash Memory Cards: SD Memory Card, Memory Stick, Mrmory Stick PRO, MultiMediaCard, XD-Picture CArd,USB Flash Drives Connectors Provided: S-Video, VGA, Phone Line, Ethernet, USB Wireless Technology: Wi-Fi Sound: Buklt-in speakers and sound card Native Resolution: 1280*800 pixels Black carrying case Remote mouse I am going to be putting this on Ccraigslist for Bangkok and another forum. I believe a fair price would be $400. Or, of course, best offer. I am staying at the LK Metropole at the present time if someome would like to come by and see the computer. Have a Great Day, Evades
  2. You are right that I should have been out of the room the first night. Unfortunately, it got worse. I decided to call it a night (midnight) and get some sleep. Before I was even able to go to sleep, while comtemplating life, I started feeling bugs crawling on me. I turned on the light and four, that I could see, were on me. To put it mildly, that was not nice. I got out of bed and angrily called the front desk and demanded to be moved immediately. They did so. I did not sleep well as I was wondering what luck I will have with this room. None so far. I have a question about other bugs. I was taking a pee and saw this speck on the back of the toilet and then it jumped away. Flea, bedbug, other?? I have about five bites on my arm and legs that look like mosquito bites so I thought that I had just picked them up while I was out in town. Any thoughts. Have a Great Day, Evades
  3. I reported it this morning to the cleaning lady and then went out to the grocery store. By the time I came back, the place had been sprayed. I picked up some bug spray just in case. I saw about five live ones when I looked around (in the cabinets) so I took my can of spray and sprayed everywhere. Around all furniture and all baseboards in the room. Inside all cabinets. About two hours ago, I was on the bed watching tv drinking a pepsi in a glass of ice. The empty pepsi can and glass of ice was on the nightstand. I happened to glance over and two roaches were attacking the pepsi can. Surprised me!! So, I took apart the nightstand and sprayed every inch of the nightstand. I decided, if they are still around, I would at least try to figure out where they are coming from. I have left the pepsi can on the nightstand and, so far, no roaches. However, I have left a cookie in the middle of the island in the kitchenette and have been killing one every thirty minutes or so with more being found wondering around the stove and the sink. I do not see how they can be getting to the cookie as I have sprayed completely around the area and they have to be going over the dried up spray area to get to the cookie. Definitely, some hardy roaches. I am in room 601. Any ideas. I will probably ask them to move me in the morning if this persist. Have a Great Day, Evades i
  4. Is this a problem others have encountered either at the Metropole or in other hotels???????? I feel bad about writing this because Metropole is a beautiful hotel at a really good price. For your info, I have paid a reduced FLB rate of 36,000 baht for 30 days for a studio room on the sixth floor. It is about 3:00 AM in the morning as I sit writing this. The room has a little kitchenette with a microwave and two burner cook-top appliance. Since I moved in here yesterday, I have killed about 20 roaches of various sizes. They were killed in the kitchenette and the bathroom. I will go to the store in the morning and get bug spray and also tell the management but I wanted to ask if others have had this problem at the Metropole or did I just get a bad room?? Hopefully, I just got a bad room!! I understand that this is not a unique problem and I can deal with it but wanted to make sure that it is not a systemic problem. Have a Great Day, Evades
  5. I have to say that you are right. The humor/post of some people on this board can only be understood by them. I have actually moved to somewhat of a sister board and rarely look at this board now. It has the same information and your questions get answered with answers not with wasted posts. To each their own and I will vote with my absence. Sorry FLB. For your info, I bought, over the internet, 20 BJs for the girls at FLB last night but just feel this board doesn't support my further business. If I posted about it, I am sure certain posters will turn any thread into "more posts for them." Joekicker, you have your fiefdom, long live the King. I won't be checking back into this as I do not want to see diatribe. Have a Great Day, Evades
  6. Okay, my trip is back on. I think Joekicker was kidding about getting laid to keep us away. The rain is okay for me as I sorta like to watch it. It reminds me of the times in the Philippines during the monsoons when I was young. Have a Great Day, DAve
  7. Thanks. I just cancelled my Sep trip because I most certainly want to get laid!!!!!! Have a Great Day, Evades
  8. Just thought that I would post about the email that I sent about four days ago that has not been answered. It is for the September timeframa. MM, thanks for checking up on this. Have a Great Day, Evades
  9. Any new/updated information about this hotel?? Looks like a place for the first few days of my upcoming trip. Have a Great Day, Evades
  10. 20. It is finally okay to NOT be right about everything. Thanks for the post and, at 54, I feel all of them except the sex part. That is a long way off!!! Have a Great Day, Evades
  11. I was down on Soi 6 yesterday to experience the fun and I was not able to find two girls that had dildos that they were willing to use. Sorry, I only do multiples as I like to watch the ladies play and you do not get that service on Soi 6 in the normal course of the business. I gave up trying to get this kind of service at the go-go bars. A lot of playing at the lesbian acts but not the carry through that I seek. Two ladies, 90 minutes at your service for the amount they charge is cheap and I have mongered on six of the seven continents of this world. I converse with them by pointing, arranging and moving them around. They learn pretty quick what I am looking for. Have a Great Day, Evades
  12. Their business model is their business model. For strictly P4P, you cannot beat it as they are active from the moment that they enter the room until you leave. No training necessary. No questions as to what they will or will not do. They take directions extrmely well. I have travelled the world and, in each place, I look for this type of establishment simply because I have no desire whatsoever to converse or interact with the girls except in a sexual way. For those like me, Hell Club's model is perfect. To each their own. It seems that people who think differently need to just ignore posts like mine. To say that only newbies will use this service is absolutely absurd. Have a Great Day, Evades
  13. Today I made it over to Hell Club and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I intended to do two sessions but the girls wore me out. IMHO, this is a club that P4P types will love. The girls all have their resumes on computer when you go in and there are no missunderstandings of what a girl will or will not do. You have a ninety minutes session that starts with the girls giving you a shower. The first sentence of the one girl was for me to put my backside on a pillow so she could rim me. What better way to start an encounter. You are required to take two girls at a price of 3600 baht but it is well worth it. Nothing better than having your private in one girl's month and the other sucking on your balls and playing with your backside. I will return soon. Have a Great Day, Evades I forgot to mention that the CIM was fantastic with no hesitation whatsoever and I am positive that a swallow followed.
  14. This is a little off-topic but appropriate in that it explains how brokers of all sorts work over the uninformed public. This broker acquaintance of mine explains how you can make money, as a broker of course, even though you are only 50% right. Make 100 cold calls to individuals that are on a purchased list of investors that you can count on to have a little experience. Don't sell them anything!! Tell 50 of them that XYZ stock is going to go up in the next thirty days and tell 50 of them that the stock will fall. 30 days later, you will be right to 50 of the people that you called. Then ask them to invest. If not, split the 50 into groups of 25 and tell them about another stock. Within 60 days, you have 25 people that think you are a genius because you picked two stocks that did exactly what you said. Extrapolate this to 1000s of individuals and you will always have a stream of people who think that you are God's gift to the market. I have invested over the past twenty years in trust deeds and mortgages in the United States and have made quite a hefty return. Yes, I dealt with seven foreclosures last year and all made money with interest on interest and the added fees of default. I became owner of two properties and sold both at a nice profit. Don't discount this market if you have bucks to invest as it allowed me to retire at the age of 37. Have a Great Day
  15. I wanted to stay at the Vault for my upcoming March trip and I sent them an email and received no reply in about a week. I went ahead and booked at the Residence Garden for the first part of my stay but will probably try to stay at the Vault for a portion of my trip if I get a response. Have a Great Day
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