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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I am not fortunate enough to come more than once a year, but I know there are some who come several times a year, and still others who live in Pattaya. Assuming you can get away from the wife for a night or two, what do you pay in the usual places? I have to pay almost 1700 baht per night for the Areca (or whatever it is these days), but I guess if you live in the city you get a discount? What does Papillion pay? Martin? 1/2 price? lol. I know in the US you can get serious discounts if you know ther desk cler or have certain affiliations. Is it the same in Pattaya? Honey Lodge....Expa
  2. You are a very handsome and erudie traveler!

  3. Noluck for me out of east USA east coast. Can NOT find any FFM trips under 120K. I hate Delta (and partners). Star Alliance me ass..
  4. And a nice side door to get into the place after hours!
  5. C'mon! First time in Bangkok? You MUST go to the Nana Plaza and experience all that first! Many say otherwise, but Bangkok has some extroadinary looking ladies. The prices are certainly much higher but what's a few baht more when you're on your first trip to LOS. My suggestion is stay in Bangkok for 2-3 days. Take a trip up the river, floating gardens, etc.. Then trek down to Pattaya for some good slumming!
  6. http://www.xe.com/ucc/Universal Currency Converter
  7. No one likes a smartass! Martin, book me a trip from PHL using your miles and I'll pay you $800?
  8. If anyone has miles to sell or book a trip I would be greatful. My dates are extremely flexible and I am looking towards July or August of 2011. Any strategy on finding ff flights from PHL would be appreciated.
  9. Surprised to find the Thai girls really enjoyed the Tiffany show. I have made it each time and Its nice to sit in that air-coniditoning. Nice beer-bar with many pool tables right across the street as well.
  10. Have never heard anything but good things about EVA.
  11. All good answers. Right across from Areca is the one I'm familiar with. Nicely cleaned, folded and bagged for very little money. However, I'm sure wherever you're staying will have it done for you as an extra service.
  12. HI. is that all-in? What are the travel dates? Thanks.
  13. I purchased 100K US airways miles on Ebay for $1,500, enough for a business class ticket on Thai airways from JFK. The regular cost of this ticket was over $4K. Economy alone was about $1,500. Yes, by having the Ebay guy book my ticket using his miles, I did not earn any miles, but in this case the difference between economy and business was worth it. If your dates are relatively flexible, you can put your reservation on "hold" for 48 hours and give the other person the confirmation code. In my case, we were on a 3-way call with the airline. But if you go this route, don't even THINK abo
  14. You didn't ask, but i"ll throw it out there for anyone else who might be interested. Areca is one of the only hotels whose direct, call-ahead price is greater than that offered by Sawadee.com When I informed Areca that sawadee offered a better rate, she responded, "Go Sawadee". lol. Just be sure to check around and don't assume that the hotel offers a better price in all cases (they usually do, but not in this case). Anyway, ENJOY!!
  15. My 2 cents.. Very nice for the price. Only drawback (if any) is no lift and you might be on the 3rd floor. Other than that, had no issues. Main entrance closes around 2, but you will be given a key to the private entrance on the side of the blgd. (Very trustig of Dennis to allow you to walk through his bar unattended). Can order breakfast off menu from place right next door and Metro girls will fech it for you. Also, large supply of free DVDs to watch if you can possibly find the time. Lastly, Lolitas is 50 steps away, money exchange on the corner, 7-11 right there as well as s
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