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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Poms to be 3-60 at lunch....or if Australia bat, 0-70 :)
  2. Thanks. I sent my final payment straight to the Developer as my lawyer had checked them out already and I was comfortable with that. The Law office then sent one staff to the land office to sign on my behalf as I had signed a power of attorney form for the Lawyer. Well it all worked as at 1pm today I became the proud owner of a Condo in Pattaya...with the condo warming party coming up
  3. I understand that this happens quite often as I was told many buyers stuff up the TT3 requirements.....will hopefully let you know I'm ok on 14th when Condo transfers....otherwise my furniture that's arriving on the 16th will need to sit in the car park
  4. The Developer is an overseas company so I'm not too worried about them obtaining a TT3 as they say its routine and they've now confirmed the title transfer to happen on 14 Jan ...as for TMB, please everyone avoid this bank if you're buying a condo...I'll be closing this account next time I come to Thailand and will be opening a Bangkok Bank or Siam Commercial Bank account as everyone I've met that hold these accounts are very happy with them. That will teach me not to be so lazy as I went to the closest bank to my rented View talay condo at Jomtien
  5. Well, first condo inspection finished, then 2nd...and it's all accepted now and this post will hopefully help others to prepare for the same.... Go to inspect condo, bathroom not finished (tiles everywhere), mirror cracked, floor tiles feel spongy, marks all over walls, stairs not adequately mounted, steps crooked and aircon blows directly onto balcony so too hot to go out there, some cupboards have no shelving and other cupboards too low (above fridge only 160cm so that's gotta go). The most frustrating experience is that the guy admitted later that he knew all the problems but they still wait untill you pick them up or they don't fix The biggest problem, and reason for this post though is to do with money transfer. My advice is to always transfer you payments direct to the Developer's account or your Lawyer's account as then they are responsible for obtaining the Tar Tort 3 proof that funds came from overseas. My payments have been a nightmare as even though all funds were transferred from overseas my TMB bank cannot seem to give me the right documentation, even with the Thai Sales agent being with me. I then transferred the final payment of $100k to my TMB account on the 10th of December, left Thailand on 14th with money still not showing up (supposed to take 2 business days) and then went back on 31 Dec to be shocked that money had still not turned up. After getting HSBC to invetigate the wire transfer, they tell me Thai bank has held the money awaiting proof documents from the beneficiary, without stating what documents are required (weird as I was remitter and beneficiary). I then asked HSBC to reverse the wire transfer and I sent the money again directly to the Developer as I'm sure they don't need to show any prooof documents (I'll find out in 2 days). I also arranged for the Dveloper to "buy"the Tar Tort 3 for the other baht already sent that TMB wouldn't process, for which they did for 4,000 baht per 600k. In summary, don't use TMB (I heard Siam Commerial is quite good) or just transfer direct to condo developer...this should save many headaches and I must add that the Urban Sales Lady has been fantastic to get me out of this mess...live and learn :)
  6. You forgot botox...I paid 10,000 baht, I had black eyes for 3 days (only drank during the day so I could wear sunglasses) and not a single person commented on how young I looked
  7. Yeah not so much a "Building" inspector but more like someone who can pick up any major issues before the transfer rather than trying to get it fixed after. Having said that, as long as all the fittings are straight and the water pressure is good then I'm not too worried as warranty should take care of it later. Probably of bigger concern is how to do the inspection without my ususal FLB induced hangover
  8. This may be one as it doesn't have your last post that closes it http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=43031
  9. Wahoo, my condo is ready for inspection on 1 October Now, in Australia I always hired a qualified building inspector when a house was finished. Does anyone know if this is available in Patts or is that just wishfull thinking
  10. Don't mess with Aussies
  11. I just did a search and it is 4240 baht for 2 return BKK to Chang Mai in february with all the taxes, or about $125 for two I doubt that you can get cheaper than that on brand new aircraft... and it matches my previous flight cost for Udon Thani
  12. I flew Air Asia from Udon Thani to BKK...cost me $120 for the 2 of us, so it was a rip off...could have done a 10-hour bus ride for $40 Edit: Oh yeah, it was a brand new A320 aircraft so was nice...you have to pay extra for baggage (about $15 a suitcase I think) and food and drink (it was just over an hour flight so who cares). All in all it was a great experience except the TG was petrified by flying...so of course we took the bus next time lol
  13. Congrats on your 51st but will only be arriving a week later...will definitely be there next year :)
  14. Thanks for the info. I had said my windows run parallel to 2nd road (therefore towards Jomtien), not facing 2nd road so it should be fine
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