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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. I haven't bothered with the frequent flyer service yet. Since I made the decision to fly exclusively with Thai Airways I've only flown with them twice more and now we've got the COVID19 pandemic so all future trips are cancelled for the meantime and there's not much point joining it just yet. I'm not a fan of BA because I think their customer service isn't great. Flights in economy are bad enough as it is without being served food and drinks by miserable middle aged hags with faces like slapped arses. The hostesses on Thai Airways flights are always polite and friendly, plus most of them are a
  2. I had a bad experience with EVA in January 2019 and started a thread about it. To be fair I got my money back from them pretty easily but it put me off their airline so much I haven't flown with them since and unless I had absolutely no choice I doubt I ever would again. Thai Airways only these days.
  3. 23 days and I'm back. This time - Bangkok - Buriram - Bangkok - Bali - Bangkok 

  4. I won't fly with EVA again unless they are the absolute last resort in an emergency. Although they gave me back 600 Euros for my delayed flight they took the piss and being delayed and stuck in London for 48 hours is something I don't want to go through again if I can help it.
  5. Just to update this thread: I ended up getting 600 Euros compensation which was £529 but for some reason they didn't give me the £68 for the two nights in the Majestic Suites which they said they would. I can't be bothered to chase them for it as I was surprised I even got the 600 Euros. Considering I booked another flight on the second night of my delay I ended up about even. It did restore my faith in EVA a little but I doubt I'll fly with them again. We're booked with Thai Airways for April.
  6. Good photos jacko. I went there once but didn't feel the 500 baht entrance fee was justified to see one building and didn't bother.
  7. Yes I will get the ball rolling with complaints and a compensation claim soon but at the minute I'm just getting on with enjoying my holiday. I'm currently in Hanoi and I'm loving it. This place is crazy although there is no action unless you want to try the massage places which is something I'm not going to bother with. I've never been one for hand jobs and from what I've heard it's very hit and miss trying to get anything more than that in Hanoi. It's a really cool place though and some of the women are unbelievably attractive. They are much harder to approach than Thai women and it's doubtf
  8. I'm feeling a little better now. Finally made it to Thailand and had an absolute tear up in Nana Plaza last night. I ended up bumping in to someone I know on the Thai Airways flight who has never been to Thailand before. I took him under my wing. I went short time twice with girls from Billboard and then a long time with another. I've just woke up 18k baht lighter but I've got some amazing memories! What a great night. So much for the man who says he refuses to pay bar fines in go go bars. I love Nana Plaza. All three girls from last night were absolute stunners but these girls from Billboard
  9. This is my experience. Take from it what you want. You'll probably think "well you were just unlucky" or "I've never had a problem with EVA before" but I just want to share my experience to warn others. I too have flown with EVA before and thought they are a great airline but after this experience my trust in them as an airline has been completely shattered and I will never fly with them again. I'm currently sat in the Crowne Plaza hotel outside Terminal 4 of Heathrow and it's more than 40 hours since I was initially scheduled to fly. Here's my story. I had a 2120 flight booked on Tuesday the
  10. Yes I'm always getting the words "Pattaya" and "talk" mixed up with "serving" and "Tulsa." Easy mistake to make.
  11. Thanks for all your efforts Frosty. It's been emotional. See you on the other side.
  12. The wife and I love Japanese food and we eat it frequently. I still haven't tried making any myself yet but it's something I've been meaning to do for ages.
  13. I wasn't aware it was the anniversary of his death, I just happened to be playing Yellow Submarine and All Things Must Pass recently. Last night I listened to the White Album, an absolute masterpiece of music with so many tracks I could say were my favourites but I'll post this one for now:
  14. You're probably right although if I was going to look for one it wouldn't be on Koh Lan which is the most commercialised island near Pattaya. My previous post was in response to this comment: I appreciate the OP asked about local islands but I made my comment because I thought you were referring to beaches anywhere in Thailand. Now that I've reread the OP I'm even more confused because it says: Maybe the OP would like to clarify because I don't think he's looking for a beach, he's looking for an island with "tall fauna" which surely must mean "tall flora" otherwise he's look
  15. So in thirty years you've never found a beach in Thailand that isn't plagued with vendors?
  16. Sounds good and the live chat feature is a great idea. A section dedicated to Bangkok would be a good idea in my opinion, hopefully others will think so too.
  17. Good luck with the software changes. The site is pretty much identical to when I joined in 2007 so some changes are well overdue. Can members have any say on the format of the new look site? Perhaps the addition of some new sections? I for one would like to see a section dedicated to Bangkok.
  18. I believe that Indian culture and its people has more respect for old people than the British do, the same as Thai people and their culture does but of course we can't generalise and say that this is indicative of every person within that culture. In the same respect we can't say all Indian men are tight and treat women badly or all British men are drunken louts when they're on holiday but the trouble is, once these reputations are formulated they're hard to shake off.
  19. How has the OP proved not all Indian men are the same by posting here? Why is it nasty and unnecessary to say that Indian men treat women badly and that's the reason why they aren't welcome in many bars and one of the reasons why many of the girls in Pattaya are reluctant to go with them? Ask the girls yourself and they'll confirm this. I'd like to make it clear that I don't think all Indian men are like this but a majority are.
  20. There are many reasons why Indian hotels are increasing, mainly because that the numbers of Indian people are increasing and also because you like to stick to your own kind of people, the same as all races have a propensity for. It's a shame you treat women with such disrespect, the reason why Indians aren't allowed in some bars in Pattaya and the girls are reluctant to go with Indian men. Fact. *Cue libtard hate speech police.*
  21. Stop thread fucking then! Harrison Ford
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