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  1. Thanks mm. Got my answers then.tnx. Will give it a go
  2. Another one... Gel vs pills? sorry for almost changing the subject,
  3. Tnx boys. Knew it it will only getting stiffer. Kamagra then. Thanks!
  4. Since we have a fresh tread on this. Any reccomendations for the first time user. Can have 2 shots in an hour, just want more. Shit scared about the side effects...
  5. Boys, He he, Just need picks, eh, for guitars as in picks/plectrums. lol Cheers
  6. Hey, Need 120-150 picks for a gift Anyone knows a shop that can do some custom printing? Thanks Dingo
  7. Erik at the Scandi Bar got a boat for serious fishing. With tanks for live bait and all. He can do food as well from his restaurant. You need the 12 hrs trip for real fishing when you head for the reefs halfway to Hua Hin (joking). Halfday is fun but you will only get the reefs around Asia hotel and Koh Larn http://www.scandibar.com/fishing/ If you just want the tourist fishing you can get a boat for 2-3000 at beach road. Anyone ever tried fishing at the bali hi pier? (Hilly?) Sounds like a great "afternoon do", with a crate of cold beer.
  8. I find their rates close too madness for what you get. OK, Soi 13 and so on... They are now just below Sandy which got rooms in a better style (OK, they need 'paint' soon as well) Is the new AA up? Thanks
  9. Bored this morning (what on earth do you do 07 in the morning in Pattaya) so had a look how busy they are on that route. MEL-BKK doesn't look as bad as Europe-BKK. Had a look at 18th and only W-class is gone. 22nd is wide open, cept for cheap Biz. Return say 5th have V class in the morning, only Q at the one after midnight (as the cheapest). I guess it will be just as hard to get an award flight with them as any other airline (did I say impossible). I can't see Thai awards at the moment but it is quite amazing that you can get cheap ones at this stage. But still think it will be hopeless. Normally no point for an airline to hand out free trips when the almost can charge what they want to. As linked below. Try a question at flyertalk, more than enough people with nuff miles to check for you.
  10. Can't agree more with BigDUSA if you choose to stay outside Pattaya. Kids will love Pattaya Park. But you will again need transport. Will rather take a taxi and go there during the day. My new list to make kids happy... If above 4-5 yrs. 1.Hard Rock (Beach IN the pool, Haven for kids because of the style) 1. Pattaya Park (water slides big enought to scare me, beach that is "swim'able") 2. Dusit (Quiet, several kid pools, shopping) 3. Siam Bayshore (Quiet, close to South Pattaya, cheap'ish) 4. Amari (Quiet, shopping)
  11. Hi Marcy and welcome aboard. Short version depending of what price range you prefer... Siam Bayshore (Great playground, pools etc) Amari (Great playground, pools etc) Dusit (Great playground, pools etc) I left out Hard Rock because of the room size unless you are willing to go for a suite or at least 2 rooms (talking tiny rooms here). The kids will later kill me if you not stay there, but, but. You can get a suite at Hard Rock from 7-8000 baht. You didn't mentioned the price range but I guess you are willing to pay a little more than a guest house. The first hotel that pops up in my head is Siam Bayshore if price is important. I've sent friends there a few times because of the rate, location, being quiet, playground for the kids and so on. Together with Amari it's the only place we have never stayed. Seen the area, rooms and all. The biggest problem you will face is having 3 of "them". Unless they are really kids you will in most cases need a second room. How old are they? Amari also have a great location, at the other end of the beach. You have the best shopping mall almost next door, huge area, rooms are good sized. Almost 40 sq.m I think. I havent seen them for 10 years so don't remember exactly. Then it's Dusit. We always stay there. Best place for kids unless you are willing to pay for an extra room at Hard Rock. Great 40 sq.m rooms, or go for the Grand rooms at the 8th floor with you very own terrace, shower etc. 80 Sq.m (Around 8000 baht weekdays, 10000 Fri and Sat). The kids will love Hard Rock, you will love Bayshore, Amari or Dusit. You said central so I left out the Royal Cliff. It's haven but you need transport twice a day if you do like us. One trip to town after pool, one trip for dinner. Scream if you need more help.
  12. As with most hotels costing a bit more than 1000 baht: use an agent! Most TA in Pattaya will match any offers at the net, or use the net. Sites like hotelthailand.com and asiatravel.com used to be great but are now among the more expensive. asiarooms are ok at some hotels but do the search. Do a google with hotel name city and rates, like """GoldenCochroach pattaya rates""", then spend a day going through them all. As for Tim... Eric got them for 2600 I think through Scandibar.com Almost forgot... thaihoteldiscount.com (Chiang mai) have the best rates at the hotels they deal with, in BKK and Pattaya.
  13. Siam Bayview, Bayshore and the Cliff are the 3 most unfriendly in town. Never heard anyone been "lucky" there. All other big ones have mixed reports
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