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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. You seem to be a chronic boozer. Drowning in booze Dont post here until you are sober Do you know anything else besides using foul and filthy language and slamming other board members. I feel sorry for you.
  2. Thailand does not want buffoons like you to enter their country. So stop wishing and begging get a life
  3. If you enjoy company of someone a lot, but that person does not want to talk you, would you beg to be in his/her company? I certainly will not Granted that Pattaya is a cheap fun place, but there is something called “self respect” Let them keep their population virus free. There is life beyond Pattaya
  4. May be it is time tourists should look past Thailand. My philosophy about tourism: Only visit those countries that really want you and welcome you
  5. It is NOT worth it. When they really want tourists, They will remove all these restrictions
  6. Countries can do whatever they want to do for safety of their people It is just my opinion that some actions range from ridiculous to sublime
  7. Maldives, Dominican Republic and many others don’t have quarantines, insurances, Covid tests and ridiculous conditions, why not Thailand? For me I will not go until all silly restrictions are gone. They is life after Thailand It is obvious they don’t want tourists anymore
  8. Is the new long term visa (90 day) with extensions easy to obtain or just another impossible venture for general tourists?
  9. The problem is that if you pick a date and buy the ticket and airports are still closed. The hassle of changing the ticket is no fun. Or getting refunds is even more hassle, if airports are closed for 9 months i learned a lesson. Next time I will buy a ticket when flights are allowed to land
  10. What good are these fares if you can not go anywhere? I get offers from various airlines, I just delete them Already I have a ticket for November 1, that I bought pre-covid, I am trying to get refund
  11. Is Thai air starting their flights to some international routes? I believe domestic flights are already in full swing
  12. Will transit passengers be let through the airport?
  13. Some people missed the point of my post The reservation was made long before the travel ban, so it was my responsibility to know that However when I told the Expedia about the travel ban, they were reluctant to cancel. They gave me a run around Like any business, “SALES” are done quickly but “RETURNS” are very slow. In my case it is was painfully slow
  14. Then why do the airlines check passports and visa documents at the checkin time? They want to be sure if the traveler can legally enter the country or not It is stupid to think that airlines should be selling tickets to Iranians or Afghanis to USA, while knowing of travel bans
  15. If you are holding a round trip ticket to Bangkok and arrive at the BKk airport during international flight ban. You are healthy with no COVID-19 symptoms What will happen to you? Can you plead the immigration to let you enter? Or Straight to 14 day quarantine? Or be stuck at the airport for duration of your ticket? Or something else? note: sarcastic people need not reply
  16. After spending hours on the phone and calling about 2 dozen times and numerous emails, I was finally able to cancel my flight to Bkk for July 1 and received some credit I had booked a flight with Korea airlines. The airline or Expedia don’t care if a traveler can legally enter the country or not Or can a traveler meet the travel restriction conditions or not As long as they got your money, they will care little to help you note: sarcastic and mister smarty pants people need not reply
  17. I have been reading contradictory information regarding international flights resumption after July 1. Some saying that all restrictions will be lifted on July 1. While others talk about travel bubble and extensions of restrictions What is the latest info that can be trusted?
  18. The other side is not innocent either. Ask the people of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Pakistan and others what they really think of the West
  19. China is helping many countries to stand on their feet and I commend that. It is emerging as a super nuclear power that can defend herself from bully countries of the world While the West is busy butchering innocent people of the world with bombs, missiles and planes If China was to export a virus to other countries, they would not have let their own country suffer
  20. Are tourists able to buy food easily? I loved Sizzler restaurant in Royal garden. I wonder if it is open or not? Or take away available? also loved Fuji restaurant? Open or closed or take away? i hope to be there in June and September
  21. Korea airlines changed my connecting flight in Seoul to bkk, leaving me only 45 minutes to change plane. I am flying from JFK in early june At this time Bkk airport is closed. what are the best option 1. let it ride as is 2. try to change connecting flight 3. Cancel the trip and try to get credit anyone can foresee the travel situation to Thailand in June? Right now due to lockdown it is no fun going there
  22. Air Asia is pretty bad in giving credit or refunding. I have tried to contact them many times but no luck money wasted they tell you the procedure how to get credit That is it If it does not work then bad luck
  23. I had to change a flight from jfk to bkk. Expedia has no live person to contact until 3 days before take off terrible experience
  24. Things were so much better then Now it has become more like a business with minimum pleasure in the past you would get real long time service. Now it is more short times I believe i remember a lady call Yu. What a night to remember and hundreds more
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