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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Before I start, I have searched the forum's (and Google) but unfortunately there are many old posts pre- 2007 relating to this topic and dead site links so ... Does anyone have any recommendations for the best tattoo artists in Pattaya or places they have been 'inked' before that they could recommend? I already have 5 tattoo's so no need to give me a run-down on how they will look when i'm 65yrs old, why I shouldn't get another one or how I will look thuggish' and unprofessional etc .. Cheers!
  2. I paid £524 about 2 weeks ago.. Leaving 5th March from LHR flying with EVA airways direct, returning 2 weeks later.. Sounds like a good price Villa, looking at ebookers, EVA have jumped up to £630 (ish) now for the same flight as mine!!
  3. I pay 450bht a night at the White Inn, same price all year round... Suits me fine as I'm hardly ever there, and generally spend time in on around Walking Street or Jomiem so idealy located Recommended too for those that are happy with the basics (Double Bed, TV/Cable, Fridge/Minibar, Seperate bathroom with shower and jet powered minge squirter, 24hr room service (food), laundry service, room cleaned everyday (if awake).... what more could a man ask for
  4. and im still lost....Maybe thats why im always skint
  5. Thanks for your help guys... I have decided I am going to take a mixture of cash and travellers cheques, along with enough Baht to get me to the hotel etc and then change up from there.... Can anyone advise out of curiosity what the "Internal" rate is likely to be? Cheers Rob
  6. Thanks for the quick response Alan As usual I left everything to the last minute so was panicking a bit Are there any limits to what I can change up at a Bureau over in Thailand.... I am planning on taking £1000 cash and £500 Travellers Cheques for my 2 weeks. I suppose I can just change up as and when I need really? And also, does the Internal exchange rate apply at Bangkok airport as I will be literally going without any Baht in my pocket so to speak and would need to change it up ASAP for Taxi / Hotel etc .... Cheers, Rob.
  7. Guys and Girls, I've heard alot of people mention that its better to change your currency up in Thailand as opposed to over here in the UK because the exchange rate is better? Can anyone confirm or advise otherwise if the case may be? If it is better, do I just take my Sterling to Pattaya with me and change at a local exchange? PS.... Im going tomorrow so early responses are more than welcome Cheers, Rob
  8. Why not stay at the good ol' White Inn Hotel. Im gonna be staying there for my second time next week for a couple of weeks Its not luxury but it has everything you need and there is no "Service Charge" ... Details below: White Inn Hotel Pattaya 2nd Road (on the corner of Soi 14) Its located a stones throw away from Walking Street and its only around 400-500 baht a night
  9. Cheers for the warm welcome guys... Only tomorrow left and then Im heading off, cant bloody wait! Anyway, hopefully my "Full" membership will be live soon so that I can let everyone know how it goes
  10. Hello one and all, Thought I would stop by and say hello as I have been looking for an informative site for that great place we all love! Anyway, I am heading back to Pattaya on the 12th October (3 days, lucky me) for a couple of weeks Provisionaly was going to be staying in either Arcea lodge or Secrets but have now opted for the good ol' White Inn :-) This will be my second trip to the LOS, the first being last year, and boy, what an eye opener If there is anything anyone would like me to keep my eye out for, find out etc the please let me know, and if you have any a
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