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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Don't have much to add, but still a real shock. So sad. She was a truly unique person. RIP SF dude
  2. I did a long stay for 30K a month. It wasn't on high season though. Cheers SF dude
  3. Hey Emil; I didn't get to see you in the NorCal meeting. I hope to get to see you here in Pattaya in a few. Have a good flight. Cheers SF dude
  4. Hmmm... yes seems you are lucky (or perhaps unlucky), but it is true. The whole bunch (Mikey, Mark, me, and others) are going to be there. Just be warned. We are not easy on newbies. ;D ;D ;D Naaa, don't worry. Last time I had the pleasure to accompany a newbie together with SteveG (who will be there as well). After about 5 minutes you couldn't tell he was a newbie. Jim's warning though is true. It is the worst (best?) addiction. Cheers SF dude
  5. No they are not. You are better off buying them back home. Cheers SF dude
  6. Hi aniteowl; The safe in RG is not big enough. As others said though, no problems with theft there. Stayed there over the last 12 months for 17 weeks, always laptop left unlockd on the desk, and never a problem. It will be fun to break you in on your first trip, first party at FLB. ;D ;D I will see you there. Cheers SF dude
  7. Same same. End of October. ;D Cheers SF dude
  8. Two questions: 1. Safe deposit box in the room or in the lobby? 2. What are the rates you paid for the rooms? TIA SF dude
  9. So I take it that in other bars the girls will never do that? SF dude
  10. Sorry Pete. This job is already taken by Mikey. ;D ;D SF dude
  11. I had a Dtac (Dprom) sim card, and the option to hide number. I was sure everything is fine, until I tried calling to my TG that was with me. Seems like the setting was just ignored. The number was presented (and recorded :-/) on the mobile I called to. Try it with a friendly phone before you count on the settings. Cheers SF dude
  12. No. It was regular reading glasses. Cheers SF dude
  13. Big C, ground floor, called "Eye Lab", about a week to get them ready, 4500 $Bt. SF dude
  14. Hey Mrstein; Welcome to the board. I am sure you will have a great time in Pattaya. All 3 options you raised are pretty good. Since it really is quiet in Pattaya right now, it will not be a problem getting rooms. My suggestion, book a room for the first night so that you don't have to be worried. While there, give the 3 places a visit and make your choice. Have fun. SF dude
  15. The answer is indeed yes. The service is the same as economy but the seats are wider and more leg room. For such a long flight, definitely worth the difference. SF dude
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